Virginia College

Virginia College
Nationally accredited by ACICS, the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools
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New Directions through Online Education

Virginia College has designed quality online courses. Accredited, career-focused online education is the key to a solid career after your online education. Associates, bachelor and masters online degree programs all offer fast-track online classes with the same quality of education that traditional students experience and that reliable employers demand.

Outstanding online resources and support!

Virginia College online degree programs offer more than just web pages to study.

  • All of Virginia College’s online programs are expedited and focused on competitive job markets.
  • Flexible online learning allows working students to continue to excel.
  • All textbooks are included in the cost of tuition.
  • Advanced career placement assistance during and after your degree program.
  • Complete financial aid assistance to qualified students including scholarships, Pell grants and student loans.

Responsible and Rigorous Online Education

Virginia College’s success depends on the responsibility taken towards students’ complete educational experience. With technical acumen and business foresight throughout the academic curricula, Virginia College is uniquely qualified to offer courses in business and business-related areas, administration and management, technical, and professional programs designed to prepare students for direct entry into the job market.


Programs Offered at Virginia College:

Associate Degrees
Associate of Science – Accounting Specialist
Associate of Science – Administrative Office Management
Associate of Science – Criminal Justice
Associate of Science – Healthcare Reimbursement
Associate of Science – Human Resource Management
Associate of Science – Medical Office Administration
Associate of Science – Paralegal Studies

Bachelor Degrees

Bachelor of Science – Business Administration
Bachelor of Science – Criminal Justice
Bachelor of Science – Health Services Management
Bachelor of Science – Human Resource Management
Bachelor of Science – Management Information Systems
Bachelor of Science – Network Management
Bachelor of Science – Paralegal Studies
Bachelor of Science – Private Sector Accounting

Master Degrees
Master of Science – Business Administration
Master of Science – Criminal Justice
Master of Science – Cybersecurity