Top Tips for Succeeding in MBA Interviews

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There was once a time when the majority of business schools would interview every applicant to their course of study. In recent years that approach has changed, with many MBA admissions officers issuing interview invitations primarily to those applicants they are most interesting in having enrol on the course. Indeed, being invited to interview for an MBA course is indicative that you stand a good chance of being accepted onto the program. That is assuming you don’t blow it of course! Here are five quick tips to help you sail through your MBA interview with flying colours.

1. Be on time
Being late for any interview, MBA or otherwise, can scupper your chances of success before you’ve even arrived. Avoid turning up late by planning your route to the interview well in advance, completing a practice run if at all possible. Sometimes you will be at the mercy of public transport and delays can be out of your control. Make sure that you have the relevant contact details of your interviewer to hand so you can at least contact them if something comes up.

2. Make and keep eye contact
As an MBA applicant you are trying to show that you are a good candidate to be a business leader of the future. Strong business leaders are not afraid to look someone in the eye! We’re not suggesting that you stare obsessively at your interviewer and not break eye contact for more than a second, but good eye contact will show that you are interested and engaged in the interview.

3. Answer the questions posed
Failing to answer a question asked of you has all sorts of negative connotations. It may come across that you’re not really listening to what your interviewer is saying for a start. You might indeed have something that you feel that the interviewer must know about you. It might be possible to ask the interviewer if you can make a short additional point at the end, but if you feel that strongly about something, it should probably form part of your initial application.

4. Prepare intelligent questions of your own
In the majority of interviews you will be given an opportunity to ask some of your own questions. Under no circumstances should you say that you haven’t got any. That implies a lack of real interest. Instead take the time to prepare some solid questions. Imagine that you will be given chance to ask five, but prepare ten in case some are answered during the course of the interview. Ensure that your questions show how much you have researched the institution (it goes without saying that your research should be extensive).

5. Be yourself
Above all, it’s important to be yourself in an MBA interview. There’s little point trying to be someone else – the interviewer will be looking to find out more about you and will be smart enough to realise if you are presenting a fake version of yourself. You got the interview by being truthful about yourself and your achievements (we hope). Capitalize on that and steer clear of coming across as phony.

It’s up to you to make the most of your admissions interview. We hope that these tips will help you do exactly that.

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