Top iPhone Apps to Help You Study Smarter

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Updated January 2018: 

Going back to school while juggling your personal life and even sometimes your career can be a challenge. The demands for students to be on top of assignments, deadlines and emails are higher than ever, partially due to the overwhelming abundance of smartphones. Owning a smartphone while in school seems just as necessary as owning a laptop in our modern world. These smartphone apps are among the most useful we encountered when going back to school and they will make getting your degree easier than ever.



Evernote makes iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad into an extension of your brain and lets you keep notes, ideas, snapshots and recordings. Instantly synchronizes from your iPhone to your Mac or Windows desktop. Key features of Evernote:

  • Capture text, photo and audio notes
  • Auto-synchronize notes to Mac, PC, and Web
  • Makes text within snapshots searchable
  • Favorite notes for quick access
  • All notes include geo-location information for mapping and search

Documents To Go

This is now a Universal app for iPad, iPhone & iPod touch, but we had to mention it here, just in case you haven’t checked it out in its entirety. Documents To Go is essential for whatever class you might be taking. DocsToGo lets you:

  • Edit, create & view Word files (including Word 2007, 2008, 2010)
  • Edit, create & view Excel spreadsheets (including Excel 2007, 2008, 2010)
  • View PDF, PowerPoint, iWork & other files

iStudiez Pro

This useful app allows you to follow your schedule, assignments, tests and grades on all of your Mac devices, and now on Windows devices as well. For just $2.99, you get a comprehensive planner which tracks everything you will need to know. There is also iStudies Lite, the free version with slightly less features.


How many times have we said it? Get organized FAST. myHomework is a simple iPhone app to track homework, classes, projects and tests while interacting with a cool interface. Quickly enter your online class schedule and distinguish between homework assignments. myHomework notifies you when you have late and upcoming assignments by numbering them and marking them in red, warns of upcoming assignments and lets you easily identify homework entries by day or calendar view. You can also transfer homework or class entries to friends and email homework reminders.


Two complete chemical databases in your pocket!

Solutions is the chemical database that keeps chemistry students stirring. Affordable and totally useful. Solutions provides:

  • Intuitive, easy to use interface for calculating volume, weight, and molarity of chemical solutions.
  • Calculates Molecular Weights instantly
  • Built-in PubChem and Chebi database search engines
  • Keep track of chemicals you’ve already used

Graphing Calculator

This one is a whiz for math and statistics students. Turn your phone or iPod into an intuitive high-resolution function plotter and scientific calculator.

  • Powerful, easy to use scientific calculator
  • Plot and trace multiple equations on the same graph
  • Custom keyboard enters equations
  • Evaluate graphs at any x value using the calculator screen

Ok, this one is a little bit easy, but’s app is still the most useful dictionary for your iPhone and Android. The app makes words accessible and easier than a book and now the version 2.0 includes 50,000 more words than before. The thesaurus can keep you writing even when you’re brain is sleeping.

  • English and Spanish Word of the Day
  • Nearly 1,000,000 words and definitions in the Dictionary
  • More than 90,000 synonyms and antonyms in the Thesaurus
  • No Internet connection required for Dictionary and Thesaurus

Dragon Dictation

On the go? Slow at typing? Prefer talking to writing? This app may be for you. Dragon Dictation uses voice recognition to dictate the words you say directly into text. This can be useful for school assignments or projects, text messages, emails, and even to update your Facebook status. This app is free for iPhone users.


Available for iPhone and Android, this is a user-friendly and game-like app that chooses from a variety of libraries to help you study. Whether studying something new, such as a foreign language or math, or preparing for a national standardized test, there are options for many different kinds of students. From lessons and flashcards to tests and quizzes, this app can help you prepare for your upcoming test while on the go. Some of the tests included are:

  • ACT
  • CFA Level 1
  • Firefighter exam
  • GED
  • GMAT
  • GRE
  • LSAT
  • MCAT
  • And many more


Lost in translation? Babylon To Go can help. This app allows you to translate in over 77 different languages. Whether you need help with translation for a course you’re taking, to help while studying abroad, or just for fun, this app works even without an internet connection. The app is called iBabylon for iPhone, and Babylon Translator for Android. The best part? It’s free!


It’s never too early to start making connections for your future career. With LinkedIn, you can make professional contacts to help you find internships and jobs. Fill in your information to allow others to search for you and learn more about who you are professionally. This app can help jumpstart your career even while you are still a student, which is always a smart plan.


As a student, you’re hungry for knowledge, new experiences, new friends and, let’s face it – delicious food. When you’re having one of those days where you feel like you have zero extra minutes to prepare or run out for food (read: Finals Week), the GrubHub app has got you covered. This app is available in many different cities. It allows you to order takeout and have it delivered to wherever you may currently be (home, library, work, etc) in a timely manner. It lets you save your locations and even your credit card information. Your life has never been easier!

These are just a handful of the numerous smartphone resources that exist for students. In addition, your school probably has its own app, and we recommend downloading it. Remember that the number and quality of smartphone apps grows every day, just like the quality and number of your online courses. Keep after them and keep up on the latest. Every designer of these little apps is working for your success too, so take advantage of them!

Written by James Tomon – Degree Jungle Staff Writer

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