Top 45 Blogs for Business Majors to Follow

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There are hundreds of business blogs around the web, but there are only a few that are really worth your time reading. But worry not, we’ve got 45 of the best business blogs to keep you busy for awhile. Below you will find the top business blogs ranked by their popularity, credibility and relevance.


45. Retail: Shaken Not Stirred: Kevin Ertell is a well-known and respected leader in the online retail industry. Ertell has over 25 years of experience in retail industry. He offers a wide variety of online retail and cross-channel strategies, ideas, tactics,  and observations and tips.

44. Bloggertone: A business blogging community with a team of successful entrepreneurs, management consultants, business developers and social media experts. They share their stories, information, ideas, tips and strategies for entrepreneur, senior managers, and professionals across different industries.

43. Learn to Duck Blog: Micah’s blog focuses on business development, advertising and online marketing, product and marketing strategies. Micah is also a book author and a professional speaker.

42. Glass House Blog: Frank Shaw is a professional Public Relation specialist with over 20 years of PR experience. Since 2003, Frank has been writing about business trends and strategies, technology industries, innovations, social media and many other issues related to the business and communication field.

41. PostAdvertising: Provides information, stories, insights, and ideas on advertising and branding world.

40. BNET Industry Blog: Gives daily industry news and analysis, insights for managers and executives. Covers the major agencies in marketing, advertising, public relations, investments, inventory and other issues crucial to the marketing sector.

39. Business and Games Blog: A team of marketing strategists who shares their insights, tips and information on everything about marketing, strategies, innovations and profits.

38. Marketing Know How: John Quelch is a professor at Harvard Business School and an author. He shares his ideas, insights and tips on business marketing, economics, education and politics.

37. Down the Avenue Blog: This blog tackles many issues that many individuals and organizations face in a new media world. Down the Avenue delivers the latest news, insights and fresh information on top technology, innovation, business, new media, public relation related issues and more.

36. The Medical Sales Recruiter: This blog is intended to help many medical sales managers and reps with sales analytic and marketing strategies, tips and quips. The Medical Sales Recruiter is owned and run by Peggy McKee, an expert and consultant in the field of Medical Sales.

35. Blog Business World: Wayne Hulbert’s blog is all about business, entrepreneur, marketing, public relations and SEO. His blog has thousands of followers and avid readers.

34. Email Experience Blog: This blog highlights the importance and impinging effects of email as a marketing tool, communications medium and branding device.

33. Laurel Papworth’s Blog: Laurel Papworth is among the top 50 influential women on Twitter. Laurel teaches workshops on social media monitoring and marketing to small business and non profit organizations in Australia, Middle east and Asia. She was named as Industry Head Social Media by Marketing Magazine.

32. Peter Lee’s Blog: Peter Lee is an online marketing guru who shares his knowledge, tips and techniques on Internet marketing and making money online.

31. Cleantech blog: Cleantech blog is a multiblog with several published authors who write daily about what they see and what they do in green sectors. Cleantech blog discusses issues and events about clean technology, energy security, environment friendly technologies, and more. Cleantech has thousands of avid readers and loyal followers.

30. Marketing Productivity Blog: Jim Novo, a web analytics specialist and expert in interactive customer retention, defection and loyalty. His blog talks about marketing, tips and insights on how to market your product and gain sales. Jim is an author, workshop teacher and a professional conference speaker.

29. Jacob Morgan Blog: Jacob’s blog is among the most influential marketing blogs in the world wide web. Jacob is widely regarded as a thought leader and community leader in social business. He also is a business and SEO consultant, book author and a professional conference speaker.

28. Blogging with Chris: Chris Peterson’s blog talks about his personal experiences, sharing ideas related to networking and blogging, generating income on the web and more.

27. Women on Business : A multi-awarded entrepreneur blog giving emphasis to women in business, sharing ideas, information, tips, and strategies that can help female entrepreneurs and those who are aspiring to start a business. Women On Business is owned by a published author and professional business speaker Susan Gunelius.

26. Noobpreneur Business Blog: A very good source of business ideas, business tips and tricks, articles, helpful information for small business owner and entrepreneurs.

25. Digital Influence Mapping Blog: John Bell is a specialist in applied innovation and designing social business solutions. John shares his stories, experiences, useful business information and strategies, marketing, communication, social media marketing, branding and more. John is also a professional conference speaker.

24. GrowMap Blog: This blog provides numerous customized paths and proven strategies to generating more business sales, leads, attract visitors for different types of websites and businesses.

23. A PR Guys Musing: Stuart Bruce, a PR and social media strategy specialist, sought-after conference speaker and national media commentator. He shares his ideas and experiences, helpful information on public relations and everything about social media.

22. WebTrafficROI Blog: A Web Marketing blog by ZK intended for web business passionate people. ZK is a successful Internet Entrepreneur and a professional web marketer who likes to share his experiences, insights, tips and tricks on blogging and Internet Marketing. This blog has thousands of readers and loyal followers.

21. New Comm Biz Blog: This blog is committed to analyzing the changes and effects of social media to business, society and communication. It also gives ideas, tips and information on social media strategies, business innovations and more.

20. Adfreak Blog: Talks about media, advertising, and product promotion. This blog has over 52,000 loyal followers.

19. The Invesp Blog: Khalid and Ayat shares their opinion, knowledge and views about investments, business, web technology, SEO, social media for ecommerce and conversion optimization. Khalid is also a professional speaker, author and a consultant on ecommerce operation.

18. Blog: Abhishek Kumar’s blog is a good source of business updates, information on web technology, marketing and advertising, tips and tricks that can help your business grow, and how to make money online.

17. Gaping Void Blog: Hugh MacLeod’s blog is one of the most trafficked independent blogs. He shares his emotions, business challenges, opinions and events through his art. His artwork and prints are being used in advertising or promoting products of famous companies like HP.

16. Web Strategy by Jeremiah Blog: A blog of popular web strategist, successful entrepreneur and professional speaker. Jeremy’s blog focuses on technology products that are related to social media, revealing its impact on how companies communicate with their customers.

15. Digital Business Strategy Blog: David Dalka is a digital business strategist and sought-after speaker. He shares his insights about business strategies, social media trends and more.

14. Jim Kukral Blog: Jim Kukral, the small business influencer and a serial web-entrepreneur shares his ideas, stories, resources and tips on how to market your business, how to attract publicity and more sales.

13. Telecom Ramblings Blog: Talks about trends and development in the telecom industry. An independent source of news, commentary and analysis. This blog exists to share stories of the sector, giving voice to people who invest in, build and operate the communication infrastructure a chance to be heard.

12. Media Orchard Blog: Scott Baradell’s Media Orchard marketing blog is popular and an inspiration to many public relations practitioners and online marketers. Scott and his team shares their ideas, news, tips and trends on how to make your business bloom.

11. TechCocktail Blog: Is a full-fledged tech news blog and media company with thousands of supporters and followers. Fran Gruber, a product strategist and long time blogger, focuses on commending entrepreneurs, emerging technology and innovation.

10. Fueling Ad Agency New Business: Michael Gass shares his tips, tactics, business development practices, business strategies, trends, talent and tools for growing your business.

9. Blogging Innovation: Braden Kelley and Rowan Gibson blogs about innovation. They are both sought-after business speakers and strategic advisors to many of the world’s leading companies.

8. Vertical Response Blog: Janine Popick blogs about social media, business tips, online survey, marketing solutions, email marketing and more.

7. Neville Hobson Blog: A blog about business, communication and technology by an Accredited Business Communicator Mr. Neville Hobson. Neville is one of the leading European influencers in social media communication for business.

6. Logic+Emotion Blog: Is another influencial blog in the business and marketing niche, authored by the most influential and respected voice on social media for business Mr. David Armano. Logic+Emotion has over 70,000 blog followers.

5. China Law Blog: A discussion about practical aspects of Chinese Law and its impact on business. This blog is authored by Atty. Dan Harris and Atty. Steve Dickinson who are both named as “Amazing Lawyers” in International Law.

4. Next Big Future Blog: A blog about science and technology, business and technical choices that will help shape the future. Nextbigfuture has over 11,000 readers and over 2500 loyal followers.

3. ShoeMoney Blog: Owned by a web entrepreneur Jeremy Schoemaker, sharing his insights on making money online. His blog was named as the “Best Affiliate Marketing blog” with over 30,000 loyal followers.

2. Chris Brogan’s Blog: Chris is a successful entrepreneur, author, business consultant and online educator. He helps both big and small businesses and solo entrepreneur. Chris speaks professionally on the future of business communication and social software technologies.

1. Seth Godin’s Blog: The most popular blog authored by “America’s Greatest Marketer” and best selling author, Seth Godin. His blog is updated daily, known to and followed by many big and small entrepreneur and business executives.

These top 45 business blogs are surely an inspiration and have helped many business professionals, executives, and managers. If you are looking for a few new business blogs to follow, we suggest you start working your way through this list. Soon these blogs will be dropping business knowledge all over your RSS feeds!

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