Top 100 Blogs for Writers to Follow

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At some point, every writer needs a bit of help, or more correctly, inspiration, to facilitate creativity and inspiration. This is where references come in. Fortunately, the advent of the Internet has made it easier to disseminate information that just about any creative writer will find useful. would like to present you our top 100 blogs for creative writing.


Beginners’ Corner

1. Emerging Writers Network: As the name suggests, this blog serves as a community for up and coming writers looking to learn and hone their growing set of skills.

2. Paper Back Writer: Learn from a real pro who is dispensing advice to writers who are just starting out.

3. Writing World: Offers a comprehensive collection of third-party links and resources aimed at beginning writers.

4. Writers on the Rise: A site that rising writers will find useful as it also doubles as an online hub where new writers can exchange ideas and writing techniques, this blog should definitely be bookmarked by “newbie” word smiths.

5. Master Dayto: As the blogger says, it may not be the prettiest blog, but it certainly offers advice any beginning freelance writer will find useful.

6. Ficticity:  A blog where short stories can be posted online for free, this is a good place for you to share your early work and not be shy about being a beginner.

7. The Desperate Writer: This blog, hosted by a cosmetologist with a passion for writing, offers plenty of insight to beginners who may be unsure of how to start writing.

8. Maternal Spark: For stay-at-home moms with extra spare time, learning how to write can be accomplished by going through this site.

9. Authors’ Blogs: One of the best sites for emerging writers, this site offers a plethora of tips anyone looking to put their pens (or keyboards) in use can make fine use of.

10. Plot Monkeys: For inspiration and reference material suggestions, these 4 bloggers will point you to the right direction.

Tips and Tricks

1. Kim’s Craft Blog: Focusing on the many aspects of the craft of writing, Kim’s Craft Blog covers fiction, creative writing and writing about life and day-to-day experiences. Kim also offers writing workshops to those interested.

2. Time to Write: For that ever elusive creative spark, some help from Jurgen Blogger may prove useful to you.

3. Clear Writing with Mr. Clarity: Writing in a clear and concise manner is a skill that takes time to perfect, which is exactly what this blog emphasizes.

4. Mike’s Writing Workshop: Draw inspiration from just about anything with some help from this blogger.

5. Write Better: It’s simple. This blog will help you write better through tips on creative writing.

6. Flogging the Quill: For one of the best looks into the world of creative storytelling, this blog should definitely be on your bookmark list.

7. Time to Write: Features a collection of articles about writing tips and ideas that every aspiring writer will find handy.

8. Luc Reid: Now with an official site, Luc Reid still offers the same motivational writing tips previously found on his blog.

9. Writer’s Helper: A resource about everything related to writing, Writer’s Helper is a unique and highly useful blog for the writer who’s looking to get better and perhaps get published someday.

10. How Not To Write: Instead of focusing on what writers should do to be better, this blog focuses on what you shouldn’t do. The reverse perspective offers great insight into the pitfalls of bad writing.

11. Pro Writing Tips: Targeted at both aspiring and professional writers, this blog covers a variety of topics on writing, including fiction, styles, grammar and more.

12. Write to Done: With constant posts on how to improve your craft and be more effective with it, Write to Done offers pleasant articles that tackle many of the issues writers have to deal with. The blog offers simple yet highly effective ways for you to create better output faster and better.

13. Daily Writing Tips: Need your daily fix of writing tips and guides? Daily Writing Tips is where you should definitely be. Topics on the blog range from grammar to language, making it a handy resource for just about any professional or aspiring writer.

14. Quick and Dirty Tips: If you want to learn to write the right way, you have to get your hands dirty, and that’s exactly what Quick and Dirty Tips is all about. Here you will find tips on punctuation, diction, grammar, writing styles and a whole lot more.

15. Inkygirl: Daily Diversions for Writers: Looking to take a break and find ways to defeat your writer’s block? This blog just may be for you. Aside from offering tips to improve your craft, the blogge also likes to divert your attention through amusing comics, which often hit close to home.

16. The Vocabula Review: Helping you gain a master of the English language just like the best writers in the world, this blog delves into its richness. Don’t miss The Vocabula Review if you’re looking to improve your grammar, diction and writing skills.

17. The Writing Jungle: Don’t get lost in the world of writing. Get expert help from the Writing Jungle, a blog which covers everything about writing in the English Language at a slow and leisurely pace. Expect to find articles, links and tips to help you flourish with this written art.

18. Writing White Papers: Learn to take a blank white sheet of paper and turn it into something that will catch and hold the attention of readers. Hosted by Michael Stelzner, this blog teaches you how to use words to captivate your audience.

19. Writerly Life: Hosted by Blair Hurley, this site is a wonderful resource filled with writing tips, exercises and advice you will need to be a better writer. You can also expect to gain insight on books, writing tools and what makes the minds of writers tick.

20. Evil Editor: Evil is a bit of a strong word, but this blogger’s frankness is definitely not for everyone. If your writing skills are in need of a sharp jolt, check this site out. If you can’t take the heat, look elsewhere.


1. The Urban Muse: Susan Johnston’s blog has won blog awards for its clever articles focusing on freelance writing. She offers tips about marketing and copywriting on the blog.

2. Seth Godin’s Blog: Seth Godin focuses mainly on general writing and marketing. He also touches on motivational writing and finding your innate creativity.

3. Bob Bly: A copywriter by profession, Bob Bly writes about the Internet and general topics. He also provides tips and insight on how to approach Internet marketing.

4. Manage Your Writing: Run by Kenneth W. Davis, this blog tells you how to manage your writing like any other business.

5. ReallyPractical: Blog/site that focuses on online media and Internet marketing. Also offers services for content development and B2b marketing.

6. Writing Roads: Marketing is one of the subjects Julie Roads touches on in this blog. She also writes about events and daily activities that take place in her life.

7. CopyWriter Underground: A must-see for freelancers and online writers, this blog covers topics that include marketing, freelancing, and copywriting.

8. MarCom Writer Blog: A niche writing blog that focuses specifically on B2B web marketing, Dianna Huff posts content related to the subject.

9. An important resource to check out for anyone who’s in the business of copywriting, CopyBlogger contains useful ideas and information about issues and problems copywriters face when producing marketing copy. From writing courses, fundamentals to tips and advice, you’ll find it all in this site.

10. Foot in Mouth Disease: Looking to learn the basics of search engine optimization and copywriting on the web while having a few laughs in between? This blog is definitely what you need, as its puts the fundamentals of content writing in a humorous light.

Genre Writing

1. Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America: As the name suggests, this blog is focused on science fiction writing. The blog however, offers so much more than that. It also offers a wide variety of writing tips for just about any situation and genre.

2. Mysterious Writers: A hub for writers from different genres to get together, Mysterious Writers serves as a platform for emerging writers to forge their names and see what the future holds for them. The site is hosted by non-fiction and mystery novel specialist Jean Henry Mead.

3. Storytellers Unplugged: A hub for visitor-contributed content, this blog is home to short stories from just about any genre in fiction.

4. Gibberish: Despite its self-deprecating name, this blog offers interesting posts every sci-fi junkie will enjoy.

5. Reading, Raving and Ranting: If medieval settings are your thing, this history-oriented blog is for you.

6. Myth and Mystery: Hosted by Rick Riordan, this blog gives a good glimpse into his most recent works.

7. Type M for Murder: Cheesy blog name? Maybe. Riveting? Definitely. Run by multiple authors, this blog focuses on murder mysteries.

8. Crime Fiction Dossier: If you grew up reading the Hardy Boys, this blog, hosted by David Montgomery, will bring out the sleuth in you.

9. Jungle Red: Home to six mystery story writers, it’s their outlet to vent about love, life and writing in general. And yes, we love all blogs with that have the word Jungle in their name.

10. Romancing the Blog: Looking for romance novel ideas? This romance novelists’ blog is for you.

Grammar Center

1. The Grammar Cop: Think you’ve got what it takes to be part of the grammar police? Check this blog out for grammar tips and examples to hone your skills.

2. Writing Forward: With a wide collection of tips on proper writing grammar as well as guides on creative writing, this blog is a must to check out for any aspiring writer.

3. The Grammar Blog: While not exactly a blog that dispenses grammar advice, The Grammar Blog still shows what bad grammar plainly looks like, with examples of signs and examples of bad grammar “in action.”

4. Grammarphobia: Despite having roots as a blog focused on grammar, Grammarphobia has grown to be an all-in-one resource for everything related to writing. From tips, interviews and guides, the site definitely has lessons to impart to writers.

5. Throw Grammar from the Train: Hosted by self-confessed grammar nitpicker Jan Freeman, this blog provides a careful analysis on the rules that bind the English language together. Writers looking for insight will find new perspective on how to become a better writer.

6. Grammar Bytes: From grammar terms, grammar exercises, to presentations and videos revolving around grammar, this blog offers fun ways for you to test your command of the English language.

7. ProWriting Tips: Be a pro at writing in the English language by picking up grammar and writing tips from this blog.

8. Mr. Rewrite: If you’re game with the concept of focusing on even the minutest details of the English language, than you could nitpick together with Mr. Rewrite on his blog. But it’s not all details and details though, as the blogger prefers to paint things in a humorous light.

9. The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar: The blog name says it all. Promoting the proper usage of the English language, writers will find tips and information on how they can improve their writing by doing it properly.

10. English4Today: Get a crash course on writing using the English language with help from the man behind this blog, Anthony Hughes


1. Heads Up: The blogger provides insight and unique perspectives on editing and journalism (sometimes running amok). You can also expect to find a number of helpful resources to help just about any editor or writer.

2. Blue Pencil Editing: Editing efforts in a rut? Look to this blog for advice.

3. Editing and Proofreading Hints and Tips: It’s bright as day. If you want tips on how to smoothen out the editing process, you should read this blog.

4. You Don’t Say: Blogger John McIntyre goes over various topics revolving around editing, with some comments on the side.

5. Better Writing Skills: Everyone can do with better writing and editing skills. This blog focuses on a wide range of writing aspects, editing being only one of many.

Tools and Services

1. Poynter Online, Writing Tools:’s blog run by Roy Peter, this section emphasizes the importance and value of using tools commonly found online to improve your writing. Here you will find tips and various references to techniques and other writers that should enhance your writing experience.

2. MFA Weblog: This is a niche blog focused on writing programs and general writing. The site offers a handbook on creative writing for purchase.

3. Write Express: This blog offers letter template services and other tools that help you “cheat” towards creating better output.

4. Fuel Your Writing: This blog offers a variety of tools any writer, regardless of genre, can make use of to improve their writing. The blog also offers the usual tips, news and inspiration found on other similar blogs.

5. Mens with Pens: The blog offers services for individuals and businesses looking for great writing output.

6. Your Writing Department Blog: A niche blog that offers tools and tips on how to write user guides and technical manuals.

7. The Writing Show: The blog made by a writer for writers, it offers podcasts, ebooks and other services designed to improve your writing.

8. Collective Ink Wall: Aside from providing tips and ideas on how to promote your work, Collective Ink Well also offers services for self-publishers.

9. The Writing Journey: A niche site with a focus on internet marketing, the blog offer services for web content creation.

10. Six Sentences: The whole blog is a tool that’s a training ground of sorts. You get to share what’s on your mind by writing it in only six sentences.

Publishing and Author Advice

1. Write a Better Novel: Looking to write your own fiction book? Write a Better Novel, with its writing tips for fiction, is definitely for you.

2. The Orwell Diaries: Fans of George Orwell flock to this blog for a better understanding through diary entries of the man known for writing Animal Farm.

3. WriteSmart: Freelance writers will love the tips for authors looking to have their work published. Get expert advice on how to perfect the craft on this blog.

4. Ask Allison: Bestselling American author Allison Winn Scotch writes provides tips on how to enter the publishing world.

5. Beacon Literary Services Blog: Run by Julie H. Ferguson, the BLS blog provides tips and guides on how to get your work published.

6. Published and Profitable: Targeted at writers looking to make money from their writing efforts, this blog is the quintessential guide to getting your book published.

7. Cynsations: Hosted by Cynthia Smith, Cynsations is a rich source of information about writing, publishing and creativity. It also acts as a hub for writers looking to shop and swap information.

8. Editor Unleashed: Hosted by Maria Schneider, this blog is geared towards writers, professional or not, looking to talk about writing and the publishing industry. Tips, resources and insight from published authors themselves can be found here.

9. Writer’s Digest: With the goal of helping you write better and getting your work published, this blog contains an assortment of resources, tips and advice on what you need and how to land a book deal.

10. Practicing Writing Blog: Hosted by *Erika Dreifus, the site is a valuable resource for writing opportunities that offer pay and little to no fees to join. Expect to find a constant stream of updates about the publishing industry, as well as a plethora of links for writing-related news and resources *Erika Dreifus now runs her own site.

11. The Writer’s Site: A robust portal containing a variety of helpful information for writers looking to publish on their own or through a publisher, this blog should be bookmarked by the aspiring author.

12. Writer’s Helper: Yet another hub for writers and editors to congregate and learn, this unique blog focuses on helping you improved the craft and perhaps getting published someday.

13. Cute Writing: A one of a kind blog that contains tips and guides on publishing, writing and creating content on the web, you can stake out a path of your own with some help from this blog.

14. Wil Wheaton in Exile: If you’re a trekkie at heart, this blog’s owner might be familiar with you, as he used to star in episodes of Star Trek, the Next Generation. Today’s he spends most of his time writing off and on this blog.

15. Guide to Literary Agents: Editor’s Blog: For those serious about getting their worked published, it pays to have an agent around. This is where this blog comes in. Here you will tips and information about hiring the services of the right agent.

General Writing

1. Women on Writing: As the name suggests, this blog is geared towards the female writing audience.

2. Writing, Clear and Simple: Thriving in simplicity, this blog makes a simple yet strong impact on your writing skills. This blog goes out to prove that you don’t need to be a pro to write at your best.

3. Creative Writing Contests: Looking to flex your writing muscle and perhaps make money from it? Check out this blog, which provides links and resources to all types of writing competitions happening out there. From dates to contest details, this is every writing contest junkie’s dream come true.

4. Writer’s Write: Can’t find information about a writer or book you accidentally stumbled upon? Write to Done may have what you’re looking for. The blog is a hub for information about books, authors and the publishing world in general.

5. Writer Unboxed: Whether you’re looking to make money or just develop a personal release from fiction writing, this blog is considered by many people in the business to be the definitive guide to being a better writer. As an added bonus, you can even get valuable insight on where writers draw their inspiration from. You can even add your own stories into the mix.

6. Write Anything: Hosted by multiple authors, this blog tackles the most common challenges of writing, as well as how and where any writer can draw inspiration.

7. Successful and Outstanding Bloggers: An online portal for bloggers and writers to conduct meetings and exchange ideas to further improve their craft and skills on the Internet; this hub is a valuable resource for just about any writer regardless of skill and experience.

8. Word Smith: Described as helping writers learn the “magic” of words, Word Smith is a barebones site, but one that provides the right information any writer will need. These include anagrams, books and words of the day.

9. Apostrophe Abuse: A writer’s blog that comes with a twist: images (often amusing) that show evidence of the overuse (or lack of) of apostrophes. If anything, the blog shows that even the most credible of news sources and establishments sometimes get the rules of apostrophes wrong, something every capable writer should know.

10. The Engine Room: This blog tackles issues surrounding media, journalism and writing. It’s an ideal site to check out for insight and to get some perspective on how individuals view the world and their craft.

100 blogs, 100 ways for you to become a better writer. Take your time to check all these blogs out, and we’re sure you’ll be on your way to becoming the writer you’ve always wanted to be.

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