Top 10 Websites for Used Textbooks

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Updated January 2018

Buying used textbooks will save you money each semester and can add up to thousands of dollars in savings over the course of your educational career. Many textbooks are gently used and sell for a much lower price than brand new books. You can also sell unwanted textbooks at the end of the semester to recoup money paid. You can sell your textbooks back through bookstores on campus, however you can often make more money back by selling them online. Here are ten of the top websites for buying and selling used textbooks.

1. is a subsidiary of Ebay and has been a very popular marketplace for buying and selling used textbooks for years. The difference between Ebay and is that is specifically for items that have an ISBN or other identifying item number, and items can only be listed at a flat rate. The buyer pays a small additional fee to cover shipping costs. You can also use the “sell now” option, in which 3rd party merchants will buy select textbooks for a predetermined price.

2. Through, you sell your textbooks directly to other Ebay members either in auction style, allowing people to bid for your textbook, or for a price that you set. Ebay will take a percentage of the sales price when someone purchases your used textbook.

3. currently has a special program called Amazon Student, which gives discounted shipping rates. Multiple ISBN numbers can be input together, making it faster to find textbooks. There are two options for selling used textbooks. First, you can sell directly to Amazon for a predetermined price and receive an Amazon gift card as payment, and Amazon will pay shipping. Second, you can use Amazon Marketplace to list your item and sell directly to other people.

4. Barnes and Noble will only sell used textbooks that are still high-quality, which means you do not have to worry about missing pages or high levels of markings on the pages. You can sell used textbooks directly to Barnes and Noble for cash. Barnes and Noble will give you a price quote that is good for one month and pay for shipping.

5. offers free shipping on all used textbooks purchases over a set dollar amount. There are two options for selling used books. First, you can sell directly to for either store credit or cash. You will receive a higher amount for your textbook if you choose store credit. Second, you can become a seller through the Ecampus Marketplace. Ecampus will take 15% of the sales price, but does not charge any startup, listing, or payment processing fees.

6. offers a user-friendly website to sell used textbooks and rental eTextbooks. They offer a 21 day return policy for textbooks and 14 days for eTextbooks.

7. has search engines that provide a comparison of sales prices and buyback prices. By typing in the ISBN, name, or author of a textbook, you can search the inventory of over 150 million books throughout the world.

8. Textbooks can be bought directly from or from individual sellers in their marketplace. When you sell used textbooks to, they guarantee payment of at least 50% of the price of the book new. If you buy a book from them and then sell it back when you are done with it, then they will pay you an additional 10%

9. Valore Books allows you to buy, sell and even rent textbooks. In addition, you can buy games, CDs, DVDs and sell iPhones, iPads, DVDs, CDs and more. They offer free shipping and a 30-day return policy on all items.

10. is another book search engine that compiles the price textbooks from multiple websites to sell new and used books, as well as offer book rentals. It also provides list price and what percentage you save off of the list price by purchasing a particular format. This helps you determine whether the money saved on a used book is worth a less-than-perfect condition.

Students have many options for buying and selling used textbooks online. These websites are a great way for students to save and make money. While there are other websites, these are particularly student friendly.

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