The Ultimate Guide to: Conquering Distractions


Looking to go back to school but feeling nervous? Maybe you don’t consider yourself the best student or you think there is just too much going on in your life to fit in college classes. We are hear to help you out! The guide below was developed to help all aspiring students with finding a program that will keep their interests, setting goals, and graduating top of their class.

black-arrow-sm Chapter 1: Using the Pleasure Principle to Your Advantage
black-arrow-sm Chapter 2: Thinking in Terms of Goals
black-arrow-sm Chapter 3: Staying in Touch with Family, Friends and Colleagues
black-arrow-sm Chapter 4: Creating a Special Place to Study and a Formal Study Plan
black-arrow-sm Chapter 5: Establishing a Formal Study Program and Balancing Your Time
black-arrow-sm Chapter 6: Expanding Your Capacity to Study
black-arrow-sm Chapter 7: The Final Hurdles – Spotting for Success and Examination Time

 Written by Rob Griffin – Degree Jungle Staff Writer © Degree Jungle