The Power of Gratitude

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There are a variety of resources available on self empowerment, from websites to books to self-help courses.

I for one loved the idea of ‘owning my power’ and the whole concept of self empowerment, but if I am honest, I was never entirely sure what it entailed.

Did it mean that I should be more assertive, true to myself, and focused? Or did I just need to grow some metaphorical balls? Well, I certainly had them, or so I thought.

I did not find out exactly what self empowerment was, until I found myself absolutely devoid of any.

Previous to events I was forever trumpeting the fact that I was a self empowered, independent and focused individual.

After all, I had faced my many fears, or so I thought. I had given up a career I loathed, sold up everything, and moved abroad. I had made the ‘leap’ so to speak into the unknown. I was living my life on purpose wasn’t I? I had read all the books on conquering fear and following your bliss.

Surely if there was a living example of self empowerment, then I was it?

I thought of myself as a strong person, able to just flit off to a foreign land and adventure afar, without so much as a goodbye or farewell. I was adaptable, immovable and determined. I could take on the world.

I was soon to realise that this was not the case.

To cut a long and self-indulgent story short, despite the brave new world I had forged for myself, and all the wonderful projects I was about to embark upon; it wasn’t long before I found myself entering a very dark depression.

I was not ready for the way I felt and nothing, it would seem, could shift it.

If it wasn’t our new renovation project I would worry about, it was mastering the language, fitting into the new culture, the prospect of our businesses not taking off, the wall falling down, the dog being ill… you name a worry and I could escalate it in my head.

I found myself propelled into a very bleak place and would often sob in secret.

In short, my world seemed to be in chaos and it was not until then that it slowly dawned on me that I didn’t have a handle on the universe and never had; but the universe had a handle on me alright.

The universal laws are after all; what you give you shall receive. As above, so below.

And quite frankly I had not been giving, I had thought only of myself for a long time. Cocooned in my world, I had emotionally as well as physically separated myself from family and friends. I wasn’t focused but blinkered, and the things I focused on were selfish materialistic action points, strategically flagged on my life’s road map. But the map is not the territory. Instead of being grateful for all the things I had in life, I was focusing on bigger, better, faster.

I forgot to be thankful for the current abundance in my life.

The truth was, despite all my monumental actions, I was still living in fear and I was addicted.

There was no one event that shifted the darkness. Like the coming of a new dawn the night was long and at first only a sliver of light could be seen through the clouds.

But cumulatively, events began to change my view of things.

To truly appreciate what a magical journey I was on took time, but once it was revealed to me, it was mind-blowing. Slowly, but surely I began to connect with the country, with the earth, with the trees, with the elements. All around me became me; I vibrated at the same frequency. Whereas before I had felt as if I had been expelled from one country and fell on my head in another, I now felt that all paths led me there for a reason. I was connecting. Walks out in nature would take on a magical form, I began truly opening my eyes to what was around me, and the revelation was both astonishing and incredible.

I began to see my life with a new clarity and really began to appreciate the people who I loved.

I experienced gratitude.

The better I felt, the more optimistic I became, and as I vibrated at this higher frequency, positive events began to transpire.

Learning to accept who you are and the authentic power you hold is the most self empowering act. Owning your power is nothing to do with money, status, lifestyle, ability; it’s far simpler than that, it’s about being grateful and happy in all you have now, all you have become, and all you will be. You really are more than you think you are. Knowing in your heart that you are far bigger than anything that can happen to you is life affirming.

I do not doubt that more challenges will continue to come to pass, that there will be more ups and downs. After all life is just one long dance, sometimes we waltz and at other times we tango.

But there is always one constant, and that is the power of love. Without it, life becomes meaningless.

By Eleanor Goold – Degree Jungle Contributor

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