Summer Jobs: The benefits for college students

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Updated January 2015: 

With the summer holidays just around the corner, you might be daydreaming of sun-drenched beaches, late night parties, and lazy days. While all that sounds incredibly tempting, we’re hoping that you’ve also put some thought into getting a summer job. With any luck, you’ll be the really organized type who has had your summer job sorted since last fall. If that sounds like you, then great – go forth and conquer. If, on the other hand, this is the first time the thought of getting a summer job has even crossed your mind, we’re asking you to think further. It’s not too late to change your summer – and change your future too. Think we’re exaggerating? Check out some of the benefits of taking a summer job for college students.

Cash. Plain and simple.

Let’s face it, school is expensive. Although preparing for your future career, you are bringing in little to no income on top of taking a full load of courses, occasionally holding a part-time job, and taking out loans to pay for it all. Taking a summer job while taking less or no classes will help soften the blow of student debt and give you some extra money to enjoy your free time over the summer.

Your parents will feel immensely proud of you for being so sensible

Your mature and conscientious behavior is (almost) guaranteed to make them more willing to sub you at a later date when you are no longer in gainful employment, have spent all your student loan, and are choosing between chicken and beef packet noodles on a daily basis.

It looks great on your CV

However wonderful your grades at college and however prestigious the school you attend, your CV will be woefully lacking if there is no practical work experience to speak of padding it out. Modern employers expect you to hit the ground running and having already dipped a toe into the water so to speak, you’ll be much better placed to do exactly that. In addition, summer jobs and internships will make personal and professional connections for years to come.

Interviews can be scary!

There’s no getting around the fact that for some at least the prospect of getting grilled by a potential employer is even less attractive than getting teeth pulled by an unqualified dentist. The process of attending interviews for a summer job offers you a real chance of getting some important practice in.

Real life lessons

No matter how straightforward your summer job may seem on the surface, you’re likely to come face to face with difficult coworkers, tricky customers, and demanding bosses, not to mention plenty of opportunities to learn new skills. All of these things are tried and tested confidence boosters and help you transition into your future career. Graduate employers like confident applicants. See where we are going with this?

Time management

If you’ve struggled to manage your time effectively at college, taking a summer job can offer the perfect way of nailing this particularly vital soft skill. Don’t think it’s that vital? Head to your local bookstore and see exactly how many time management books are on the shelves. It’s a clear indication that leaving college without the ability to organize your day is not a goal you should be aiming for.

Stepping stone into your future

A summer job may lead to bigger and better things. Make a commitment to show off your talents in the best possible light and you may just get yourself noticed for all the right reasons. When the time comes for you to throw your graduation cap into the air, your previous experience with a particular company may just be all you need to get your foot in the door. At the very least, you’ll have someone in a professional capacity to give you a reference.

You’ll get a better understanding of yourself

Not in a deep and meaningful kind of way (that’s what meditation is for), but rather you might find out your true interests in the workplace (as opposed to what you think you might like). This will help you narrow down your career related aspirations when the time comes to get a proper job later on down the line.

Sold on the idea of getting a summer job yet?

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