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Sterling College’s Online Degree Programs

Sterling College’s Online Division, e.Sterling, understands the importance of undertaking a bachelor’s degree without disrupting your career or relocating your family. Sterling College’s online programs deliver a highly respected degree that is just as demanding and rewarding as our traditional on-campus programs. Plus you get the added flexibility and convenience of learning at your own pace and as you see fit.

The benefits of e.Sterling online program include:

  • Flexibility: Schedule your online study time around work and family. Instructors plan every step of every course.
  • 24/7 Library Access
  • Quick Responses: Faculty and staff respond to questions or concerns within 24 hours.
  • Small Class Sizes: 12 to 15 fellow students
  • Personal Attention: Instructors serve as group facilitators

Students of Sterling College Online find an institution of higher learning with a strong foundation of values, morals and ethical principles. Courses are designed to encourage and develop the skills necessary to understand our world and to create positive change in it. Students’ creativity, critical thinking, effective communication and leadership are put to the test for use in the workplace as well as in the community, church, and home.

e.Sterling’s Online Religious and Philosophical Studies Bachelors Degree program exposes students to the breadth of philosophical, theological and Biblical issues that inform the Christian tradition in order to have a deeper intellectual understanding of the faith.

The Business Administration Bachelor Degree offers an excellent foundation for students desiring to work in both for-profit or not-for-profit sectors.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Ministries challenges students practically as well as intellectually. Students experience personal growth and develop the skills necessary to serve as leaders.

Multiple Levels of Support

Sterling College’s online “success team” works with every student.

  • Faculty – engaging and challenging professionals.
  • Student Services – acts as your personal advocate in the program and serves as the liaison between you and Sterling College.
  • Admissions Advisors – assist and guide all students through a successful application.
  • Technical Support Team – Round-the-clock live technical support.

Day or night, e.Sterling’s online degree program brings the best of Sterling College at every level of study.

Programs Offered at Sterling College:

Bachelor Degrees
Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries Degree Completion
Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Ministry (BTM)