Online Public Safety Degrees

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A degree in Public Safety generally teaches students how to maintain safety at the local, state and federal levels.  Some of the courses required for Public Safety majors include: Disaster Preparation, Emergency Response, Private Security Practices and Technology, Occupational Health and Safety, Communications and Technology Security, and Terrorism Risk Assessment and Response.

Good News for Public Safety Majors Employment for Fire, Police and Ambulance Dispatchers is expected to grow faster than average.

What Types of Jobs Fit this Degree Anti-Terrorism Task Force Coordinator, Emergency Response Specialist, Public Events Security Coordinator, Corporate Security Manager, Fire Chief and Chief of Police

Starting Salary Starting salaries for a bachelor’s degree in Public Safety is on average $28,000. Advanced degrees will lead to supervisory/management positions which can begin around $100,000 on average.

Earning Potential for Specific Fields The median annual wages for police, fire, and ambulance dispatchers were $33,670 in 2008.

Learn more about getting your degree in Public Safety online by choosing one of the degree options above. Salary information and job projections can be found at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Online Public Safety Degrees Options

Kaplan UniversityA.A.S. in Fire Science – Designed for students who would like to work as a firefighter, fire inspector, or fire investigator, this program offered by Kaplan gives students the basic skills and knowledge that they need in a variety of subjects related to those fields. Coursework includes study of: firefighter safety, building codes, code inspection, and strategy.

Grand Canyon UniversityBS in Public Safety Administration – Grand Canyon University offers a Bachelor of Science online program in Public Safety Administration that emphasizes the need for a theoretical and applied approach in educating future professionals in fields of public protection. The program aims to develop professional and practical skills and knowledge relevant for public safety, as well as research methodology and communication skills necessary for administrative tasks.

Kaplan UniversityB.S. in Fire Sciences – Graduates of this program will be ready to begin or advance a career in the field of fire services. With a wide range of topics covered, such as arson, a fire service’s role in the community, and fire investigation, students will be given new and improved skills to help them as they continue or begin to work as a member of the fire services community.

Grand Canyon University

BS in Public Safety and Emergency Management – This Bachelor’s program will give students an insight of public safety industry through a theoretical knowledge and applied practice. The program is focused at emergency planning and management, while providing an interdisciplinary perspective. Degree in Public Safety and Emergency Management will enable graduates to work in one of related fields such as law enforcement, fire protection, emergency management, environmental health and safety emergency medical response.

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