Online Education: The New Wave of Education

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Adults have many demands on their time in this era of fast-paced business deals and instant communication. Getting an education is often put on the back burner of things they want to get to one day. Many people have no idea how they will be able to squeeze in enough time to commute to a class without taking away valuable time from their other responsibilities such as work, family and themselves.

Online education is one way an individual can obtain the education they need with the necessary flexibility they crave in order to be successful. Harnessing the nearly global accessibility of the Internet with its hot spots and Wi-Fi connections in almost every corner of the world, even a busy company executive who is traveling across the globe from her office can take an exam, complete coursework or engage her fellow students in relevant discussions. This universality allows even the most industrious employee will be able to take one or two classes a semester without fear of falling behind.

Regardless of how enticing a proposition a degree in higher education is, many people simply lack the time it takes to commute to classes each week. Even classes that meet only once a week can present a hardship for those people who must care for other family members, such as elderly parents or young children, once they leave work for the day. Although classes that meet only on the weekends have some appeal for these prospective students, in some cases, the weekends could be the only family time available. This fact understandably makes many people hesitate to register for those types of classes.

With online education, however, an individual will find a much more flexible education option available to them. Most classes are asynchronous which do not require that their students be online at the same time or at a certain time of the day or night. Instead, students are free to access the course materials at their leisure. This means that busy professionals can spend a relaxing couple of hours a few times each week going over readings, discussion board posts and studying for exams and still enjoy their hobbies and family time.

While online education builds in a great deal of flexibility, the classes offered at most accredited colleges are not self-paced. This means that they have firm deadlines that must be met by the students if penalties for late work are to be avoided. The flexibility lies in the fact that the students can generally work on class materials any time of the day or night. In addition, most class instructors do not penalize their students for work turned in prior to the deadline as long as it is of high enough quality.

The flexibility of online education makes it perfect for the busy people of today. This makes it the perfect choice for anyone who is exploring the possibility of furthering their education.

KT Golightly is a writer pursuing a Master’s degree and contributor to Degree Jungle.

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