Online Business Degrees

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Looking to Take a Business Degree Online?

Whether you’re fresh from high school, see yourself as a bit of an entrepreneur, or are already in a rewarding job but want to improve your chances of climbing the career ladder, an online business degree can help you to get to where you want to be. Whatever your ambitions for the future might be, a solid qualification in business studies will typically see you graduate with a strong commercial awareness. Studying business online offers students a broad understanding of the various types of business organizations and, in many cases, that core understanding is strengthened further with subject-specific training in areas such as customer service, finance, operations, logistics, information systems, business strategy, entrepreneurship, e-commerce, markets and globalization. This focus, coupled with your newfound understanding of both the smaller and bigger picture when it comes to the intricacies of conducting business, will serve you well when it comes to realizing your career ambitions.

Careers in Business

Job prospects for the graduating business student are about as varied as they can get. It might be that you have a specific role in mind such as human resource manager, logistics manager, business analyst, or marketing executive. Studying business online will offer a thorough preparation for any of those roles. It’s also fair to say that successful completion of an online business degree, particularly when combined with relevant work experience, will stand you in good stead for a career in industries as diverse as utilities, grocery, fashion, and health. Whether you are interested in employment in the public, private, or voluntary sectors, there are indeed very few types of organization that do not require skilled managers with a broad understanding of the fundamentals of the business world and the ability to bring to the table a strong set of transferable skills such as creative problem solving, analytical thinking, self reliance, time management, and decision making.

Further Study

Some business studies graduates choose to undertake additional study to gain a more in depth understanding of elements of the business world such as marketing, e-commerce, or international business studies. Studying an online MBA degree in a particular subject is the natural path of progression in this case. On the other hand, those online students who are completing their online business degree while continuing to work in paid employment will often pursue a professional qualification in the likes of accountancy, law, marketing, or personnel and development. In this case, the cost of a studying a business degree online, and indeed, any professional courses, may at least in part be covered by the employer.

Online Business Degree Options

kaplan-university-logoB.S. in Business Administration – The Kaplan University’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration course assists every student to meet career goals in the business world. It also helps the students acquire proficiency with the significant aspects in the field of business (creativity, research, socially responsible leadership, technology, and communications). It allows every student to design their course of study that can suit their expertise and interests based on available elective courses. The University also offers accelerated MBA program if the students qualify for their requirements.

kaplan-university-logoA.A.S. in Business Administration – The Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration of the Kaplan University aims to help every student to pursue career advancement and achieve a satisfying income. The online course deals with the integration of accounting, microcomputer expertise, and managerial skills as well as, decision making and problem solving skills. It also helps the students to acquire communication and leadership skills, at the same time, having the ability to motivate and work with the team. It allows every student to design their course of study that can suit their expertise and interests based on available elective courses.

Grand Canyon UniversityMBA – The Grand Canyon University’s Master of Business Administration is an online program that helps professionals to finish their course of study that deals concentration in human, conceptual and technical expertise in all fields of business. The course helps the students acquire knowledge in accounting, economics, finance, information systems, management, marketing and quantitative methods. It provides every student with interpersonal and analytical skills and at the same time, a wide management outlook as the course offers vital principles of leadership and human resource management.

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) – Sustainable Futures –  The M.B.A. in Sustainable Futures will help you develop the skills needed to manage large scale change looking at adding value, contributing to a sustainable future and responding to the needs of businesses and society. The program combines global awareness into all levels of an organization. Look into trends that will shape business in the future as organization must develop sustainable systems. Join the network of successful business executives who earned their M.B.A from Walden University.

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