Office Organization Is Easier Than You Think

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Office organization is important for several reasons. As a recent grad or intern, it lets your boss and employer know that you take you job seriously and value items around you. An organized workspace also makes it easier to find things in a pinch. The following techniques will help you easily stay organized in the workplace.

1. Do It Easily And Simply- There are many great ways to organize your workspace, but they generally cost a lot of money that you probably don’t have. The good news is that you don’t have to employ expensive organizational techniques in order to keep your work area neat and tidy. Look around and see what you have that you can use. If you have a desk, buy inexpensive paper trays to put papers in. Label the trays so that you can separate items based on deadline date or the type of paperwork it is. For storage of paperwork that you need to keep, but do not view often, buy manila folders and place them in there to keep them safe and out of sight. Even if you don’t have a desk you can still keep them organized by putting them in a filing cabinet or a box. Also, don’t forget to put small items that can clutter up a space, such as pens and scissors, in one central location such as a pencil holder.

2. Organize Often- Once you are organized, the key to keeping it that way is to put items away often. This means that when you use something like a highlighter, put it back in its place immediately after using it. As soon as you receive paperwork that needs to be filed, do it instead of leaving it on your workspace to complete later. This will save you both time and a bunch of clutter in the long run.

3. Be The Leader In Organizational Efforts In Your Workplace- If you find that your overall workplace is not organized, take charge and change it. Even if you don’t have a lot of authority you can still try to make your surroundings more organized. For example, in common places like the break room or restrooms, keep the areas clean and organized. By others seeing your efforts and your organized workspace they may just follow suit and start keeping their work areas neat as well.

4. Remember Organization Is Important- One of the keys to staying organized in the workplace is to remember how important it is. A clean workspace will help you do your job more easily and you may very well stand out from your peers because of it. If you work in the type of environment where customers or clients will be visiting you, it is crucial that your workspace stay neat and orderly because you don’t want them visiting you and seeing a mess. They may get the impression that if you don’t care about your things, you aren’t going to care about their needs either.

It isn’t that difficult to stay organized in the workplace. It may take a little effort at first, but as time goes on it will become second nature to you. Just remember that when individuals stay organized in the workplace, everyone benefits long term.

S. Leigh – Degree Jungle contributor

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