Need a Scholarship? Know Your Options

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With the cost of college tuition rising at a seemingly relentless rate, there’s more reason than ever to seek out some sort of financial assistance. Applying for relevant scholarships is just one way that students can bring down the cost of attending college. There is literally thousands and thousands of dollars available, so it makes sense for you to at least check out the possibilities. Here’s a list of 10 scholarships you might consider applying for.

Veteran Scholarships

Try: Doris Edwards Miller Endowed Scholarship (Westminster College, Utah)Available to veterans of the U.S. military and children of the same, applicants must demonstrate financial need and strong character. Value: $3,400

Hispanic Student Scholarships

Try: Jalen Rose Endowed Scholarship (University of Michigan-Ann Arbor)Preference is given to students who reside in Michigan; in particular those from an inner city area and coming from an underrepresented group. Academic merit and financial need must be demonstrated. Value: $10,000

African American Student Scholarships

Try: Venture Scholars Program (All Institutions)Available to first generation students and those from underrepresented groups, awards are considered for those pursuing a science or math based career. Value: $10,000

Valedictorian Scholarships

Try: Valedictorian Scholarship (Huntingdon College)Available to freshmen entering Huntingdon College, students must be the valedictorian of their graduating class in order to be considered. Value: $11,000

Single Parent Scholarships

Try: Naomi Scholarship (Calvin College)To be eligible for this renewable award, students must be a single parent or from a single parent family. Demonstrable financial need and a 3.3 GPA (minimum) are a prerequisite of the application. Value: $2,150.

Overcoming Obstacles Scholarships

Try: Women’s Opportunity Award (All Institutions)Available to students who have faced and overcome obstacles such as domestic violence, poverty, and substance abuse, awards are given to those students enrolled in a vocational/skills training or undergraduate program. Value: $5,000

Bilingual Scholarships

Try: Speech Pathologist Graduate Scholarship (Approved Institutions)Available to graduate students who are entering their final year of study in a speech-language pathology program (must be ASHA approved). Near-native or native proficiency in a second language is required. Preference will be given to students who plan to work in a diverse school setting. Value: $5,000

College Freshman Scholarships

Try: Woody Scholarship (Union College, Nebraska)Available to students from within the Kansas/Nebraska Conference. Demonstrable academic promise and record of exemplary behaviour are prerequisites of an application. Value: $38,500

High School Seniors Scholarships

Try: Buick Achievers Scholarship (Various Institutions)Available to students with an interest in the automotive industry who plan to major in engineering, technology, or specific business and design-related subjects. Priority consideration is given to first generation, minority, and veterans/dependents of veterans. Value: $25,000

College Sophomore Scholarships

Try: Boren Scholarship (All institutions)Available to undergraduates who want to study abroad (selected areas). Selection is based on several factors including potential to success, academic record, commitment, and language aptitude. Value: $20,000

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