Marketing Major? Five Blogs That Should Be On Your Reading List

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No matter how well respected a college or university may be, most college students will be fully signed up to the fact that it’s incredibly important to “read around” a subject to order to gain a deeper understanding of differing viewpoints.

With questions being asked as to whether colleges are fully preparing marketing majors for modern-day marketing, it’s never been more important for college students to keep themselves in the loop. Thanks to the internet (and the growing importance of content marketing) there are several blogs that will provide marketing majors with an insight into the fabulous world of marketing that they might not get from college alone. 

Here’s our list of five respected blogs you won’t want to miss out on. In no particular order …

HubSpot: As the world’s consumers are increasingly moving online, so is the field of marketing. HubSpot offers all an all-in-one marketing platform to businesses, but for college students the real pearl is their fascinating blog. Not only do the talented writers cover pretty much aspect of content and inbound marketing that you’ll ever need to know, they also offer a fabulous selection of free guides that will offer you a comprehensive view of pretty much any marketing topic. Priceless.

Silverpop: These guys specialise in marketing automation; whether that be achieved through email, mobile, or social media platforms. Their blog covers a wider range of subjects; touching on B2B marketing, behavioural marketing, lead management, multichannel marketing, data and segmentation, and sales and marketing alignment. Downloadable content is complemented by free marketing webinars. 

Damn I Wish I’d Thought Of That: This is the blog of New York Times bestselling author and keynote speaker Andy Sernovitz. Pitched as a hub of the most unusual ideas from the smartest marketers, expect to learn all about how the best ideas are often the simplest to do. You might also want to head over to one of Andy’s other sites – Word of Mouth or catch up with him online at Twitter

Seth Godin: No list of blogs that marketing majors must read would be complete without a nod in Seth Godin’s direction. Author of no less than 12 bestsellers including “Permission Marketing” and “All Marketers Tell Stories,” trying to understand marketing without the viewpoints on his blog is like trying to wade through treacle (while wearing an iron suit).  

Guy Kawasaki: Last but not least on our list is former chief evangelist of Apple Guy Kawasaki. The Stanford and UCLA graduate is the author of ten books including “The Art of the Start,” “How to Drive Your Competition Crazy,” and, more recently “What the Plus? Google+ for the Rest of Us.” His blog “How to Change the World: A practical blog for impractical people” covers marketing, and sales, evangelism, human capital, entre/intrapreneurship, and human capital. 

If you prefer to read content in short, snappy bursts, check out this list of 50 addictive Twitter feeds for marketing majors.

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