The Ultimate Admissions Guide for U.S. Colleges and Universities

You want to attend your dream university – one that feels right, is priced right, and will help you become a better person. Oh and you probably want to have fun too. We have created this guide to help you through the sometimes daunting and confusing college admission system. How does this stage of the […]


Guide to College Internships

The Ultimate Guide to College Internships Our Student’s Guide to Skillfully Locating, Bargaining and Accepting Internships Hands up all those undergrads, college seniors, and graduate students, who right now would like to get some hands-on training just before launching their careers? (should be everyone) Keep those arms lifted if you are a bit puzzled on […]


The Cost to Educate a President

The Cost to Educate a President As Election Day looms, voters across the country are deciding which of the two candidates will get their vote. The political views of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have been evaluated and dissected by hundreds of websites and countless political pundits. We’ve seen the two candidates debate on TV […]


Is College Still Worth It?

A question sparking debates as tuition rates spiral out of control and unemployment for college grads hits record levels. Is a college degree worth it? For many the value of a degree is not just the earnings impact over a lifetime but the experiences and personal development that occur during these years. Maturing into a […]


Chapter 6: Expanding Your Capacity to Study

  Do you recall the time we spent earlier in this program, when we discussed the principles of behavior shaping and reward? What follows is the final calculation in my formula – follow it, and you will have reason to be confident of success. The two most difficult aspects of any study program are getting […]


Chapter 4: Creating a Special Place to Study and a Formal Study Plan

  So far you have chosen your remote education study course, learned the principles of behaviour shaping and goal oriented thinking, and the secret to keeping family and friends on board as well. Thanks for staying with me while we discussed these important things – in this chapter we turn to two, more practical matters. […]


Chapter 3: Staying in Touch with Family, Friends and Colleagues

  No person is an island in the middle of the ocean. All of us are connected to other people through a network of friendships and associations. It is in the nature of people to be supportive – don’t forget your friends and family when you start to study online – they’re interested, they care, […]


Chapter 2: Thinking in Terms of Goals

  In the previous chapter we were chatting about how we tend to do the things that give us pleasure, and how we also avoid the things that don’t. A student wrote to me and said that I ought not to have mentioned dancing elephants – but I did, because it amused me, and so […]


Chapter 1: Using the Pleasure Principle to Your Advantage

  Do you remember how, when you were still a child, your mother gave you your favorite foods to eat when you said you weren’t hungry? That is because she understood the rule that folks do what they want to do, more often than they don’t. This principle is actually very simple to understand. All […]


The Ultimate Guide to: Conquering Distractions

Looking to go back to school but feeling nervous? Maybe you don’t consider yourself the best student or you think there is just too much going on in your life to fit in college classes. We are hear to help you out! The guide below was developed to help all aspiring students with finding a […]