Great Mobile Study Apps for Today’s College Student

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Studying for a college exam can be tough and sometimes annoying, but with today’s web apps available for free on the Internet, it really doesn’t have to be. Wouldn’t it be great to have the most-recent web-based study apps in the palm of your hand when preparing for a physics mid-term?

Check out Degree Jungle’s line-up of mobile web applications for learning better during college study-sessions.

Study Buddy

Concentrating when studying can be a drag when there is a party going on next door. The Study Buddy is a distraction-time guide that records when students are not attacking their books. This web app graphs all the time-outs from planned study sessions, and it maps out new strategies for making the time up. Study Buddy can even text students when it discovers they are deviating from their study plans.


College folks have more important things to worry about then manually cloud syncing their study materials everyday. iStudiezPro instantly connects with smart devices to learn a student’s classroom itinerary; afterwards, the web app will manage all uploading of study material for each class across application software and cloud storage spaces linked to the application.


Some people are naturally unorganized. iHomework’s fully-functional organizer effectively keeps track of assignment due dates and course projects. Packed with several designer study apps, which include grade monitoring, study group organizing, contact listing for all professors; this web app even helps students attach e-book quotes and web-articles to their assignments.

Amazon Student

Textbooks and study material are expensive at the college bookstore. The Amazon Student app helps college students discover where the cheapest prices loom for the study items the need. After scanning barcodes, this app lists buyback and retail prices for any study item, and it details the best discount choices for trading-in or acquiring textbooks, periodicals and bluebook material.

EZ Read

EZ Read removes the anxiety from learning the hard subjects like English Literature and poetry. EZ Read professionals built this study tool to help simplify literary works on all smart device platforms. It’s a free app, which contains an entry to, the well-liked internet site for studying literature, poems, and other scholastic subjects. EZ Read also lets folks scan for quick story synopses and character descriptions or take quick-exams on everything from Shakespeare to John Milton.


Quit hand-writing notes; allow Evernote to do it for you! This remarkable note-taking application not only composes text-based lecture notes, but it also records classroom audio, web video and photos through OCR innovation. Evernote systematically uploads the study material across other smart devices as well.

Chegg Flashcards

Flashcards are a great remedy for getting ready for challenging examinations. Chegg Flashcards generates amusing and entertaining approaches for creating unique study material. The web app also runs countless study blueprints, which are powered by Quizlet. Students can even keep track of learning outcomes, maintain logs of wrong answers and instantly link to the Internet for reviewing the content they misunderstood when using Chegg’s study management feature.


This cutting-edge web app lets students design online Mind Maps, Flashcards, Online Notes and Quizzes in an instant. These web-based study tools strengthen folks study skill sets and aids people in getting ready for tests. ExamTime’s online study tools are simple to build and easily shared with other classmates because all notes are stored in only one cloud space. app can transform any university student into a vocabulary output machine. This mobile app is offered on all platforms: iPhone, Blackberry, Android. is both a dictionary and thesaurus that provide exposure to almost two million words, and the app also pronounces study words out loud when users click on its speaker icon.

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