Five Ways to Make Summer Really Count

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With another academic year behind us, summer has made its appearance. No doubt your thoughts have turned to long lie ins and lazy afternoons in the sun. It’s okay to dream, but let’s get back to reality for just a moment. Without the commitment of attending regular classes keeping you busy, summer is a great opportunity to tie up loose ends, get a head start on next year, and generally get all your ducks lined up neatly in a row. Here are just five things you could be doing now to make life easier in the fall.

– Revisit topics already covered. In an ideal world, you’ll have absorbed everything you needed to first time round. If that didn’t happen, summer is the ideal time to go back and make sure that you’ve got a good grasp of the things you need to fully understand. If there are gaps in your knowledge, consider taking an online course to broaden your understanding. While you’re at it, why not put together some revision notes for each topic? It will make life way easier when it comes to taking your finals.


– Read ahead. You’ve no doubt been given a reading list for the subjects coming up in the fall. Not to sound patronizing but you’ve been given it for a reason. Make the effort to go out to get those books and read them (skimming through the first chapter doesn’t count). By doing so, upcoming topics won’t seem as daunting and you’ll have given yourself a head start against all those students who opted for the long lie ins and lazy afternoons in the sun. Try Campus Books to buy used textbooks (or make some money by selling your old ones).

– Get some experience under your belt. Whether you opt for an internship or go down the volunteering route, you’ve got a decent stretch of time available to get some new skills on your cv. You’ve probably left it too late to get in to one of the blue chips (unless one of your parents just happens to be the CEO), but that doesn’t mean all is lost. A summer job with a small local company can reap just as many rewards when approached with the right attitude.

– Get social media savvy. Okay, so you’re probably already well versed on using Facebook and its many counterparts, but are you using them to their full advantage? Knowing how to use the various social media platforms from a commercial perspective is a great skill to be able to demonstrate and nothing demonstrates it better than making your own profiles the best that they can be. Polish up your profiles and you’ll look like a more interesting prospect to potential employers at the end of your degree.

– Sort our your finances. There’s nothing worse than arriving back at college to discover that because you put your applications in late, you’ll have nothing to live on for a month. You need to make a fresh application for Federal Student Aid each year. Forget at your peril. If you struggled last year when it came to managing your money, the summer is also a good time to think carefully about how you will manage it better next year. Drawing up a student budget never did anyone any harm.

Do these five things and you’ll arrive back at college in the fall feeling more prepared than ever before. Don’t forget to enjoy some downtime though. Long lie ins and lazy afternoons in the sun should, after all, be on everyone’s to do list.

Photo Credit: CollegeDegrees360

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