Bainbridge State College

Graduation Rate

Percent of students graduating within 150% of normal completion time


Within 4 years (100%) %
Within 6 years (150%) %
Within 8 years (200%) %

Graduation Rate is an important metric for first time undergraduate 4 year degree students as it show the rate of success for students at a normal and extended periods of study, that might be needed to achieve a degree. This statistic shows the current rate of graduation within the normal 4 year period of time and longer durations at Bainbridge State College.

Scholarships to Study in the U.S.

Student Loan Debt Upon Graduation

Median Student Loan Debt for Graduates


Percent of students receiving Federal Loans


Cost to attend



 Room and Board $0
 Books and Supplies $700
Other fees $1,046
Total costs for one year $3,927
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Graduation Rate

6% in a 6 years time

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