Best Mobile Apps for Updating Your Blog on the Go

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The Android operating system allows you to interface directly with a number of blogging platforms. As you may imagine, there are similar apps available for the iPhone and iPad. Instead of buying apps that log into your blog account via a third party program, why not buy the official app for your blogging platform? Among other blogging platforms, the following have released apps that can be used on an iOS (Apple) or Android system: WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Posterous and LiveJournal.

WordPress and Blogger apps

These apps log you directly into WordPress or Blogger, both of which are very similar blogging platforms. They are both available to anybody free of charge, and both use a content management system (CMS) to make creating your blog easier. With these apps you can log in, edit and publish things onto your blog. Both apps allow you to access your comments and even reply to them. It is recommended that you sit down at a computer and type out your well-thought-out blog posts, but if you use your apps to answer your comments, you may be able to keep the comment fires burning all day. Both the Blogger and WordPress apps allow you to switch from one account to another, for example, you do not need to download a new app for every Blogger blog that you run.


A little more out of left field is the app for LiveJournal, because LiveJournal is known more by people who enjoy journalism, or by people who wish to use it for its SEO benefits (Search Engine Optimization). The app does offer all of the functions you will find with the desktop version; however, LiveJournal itself does not have very many functions to start with.

Tumblr and Posterous

Tumblr is becoming known as the highly visual alternative to Twitter. Tumblr attracts people who want the posting power of Twitter, and the photo posting power of Facebook. With the Tumblr app you can add to your blog, view your statistics and even share things on Facebook. It is a good app for promoting your profile when you are away from your desktop computer. Posterous is less well known than Tumblr but can still be used as a social networking platform. Posterous is supported with a very convenient app. Tumblr does not have the dissemination power of Twitter or Facebook, which is why some savvy Tumblr members are using their Posterous app to promote their Tumblr posts.


There are many blog management apps on the market, but it only seems fair that the HootSuite app gets a mention. It allows you to use almost every social media platform from one single app. A person who wishes to use Tumblr would use their app, and then use their WordPress app to update their WordPress blog. However, with HootSuite you would remain on the same app and simply tap into your desired social media site. This is a very good app if you wish to share content over multiple platforms. It makes information dissemination easier, quicker and more orderly. Another good thing about HootSuite is that it is available for the Android and Apple operating systems. HootSuite has an app for use on the BlackBerry, and has separate apps for the iPad and the smaller iPhone.

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