Best Colleges and Universities in Virginia

The list of best colleges in Virginia has 40 institutions, that offer a wide range of options from private, public, profit or non profit institutions that cater to students from within the state as well as from the whole country. The whole range of colleges and universities in the state of Virginia offer a wide selection of degrees from technical to liberal arts, which allows the students to pursue their interests in full.

The selection process for the best college for you is a complicated process and all significant terms of the individual institutions should be considered like graduation rated, retention rates, acceptance marks and costs.

The below list content the top ranked colleges and universitites in Virginia and further clicking on each college gives you an overview to explore in more details. You can as well further filter the list of colleges that could only show college with dorms, catholic colleges, public or private and several other options.



Graduation Rank*

Selectivity Rank*

*Graduation Rank has been calculated from % of students that graduated with bachelor's degree in 6 years
*Selectivity Rank is based on admission rates of colleges