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Ashford University
Ashford University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association. Accreditation by the Commission provides assurance to prospective students that Ashford University has been found to meet the Commission’s stated requirements and criteria.
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ashford-university-logoAbout Ashford University Online

New inventions have already changed the way we look up facts, find our way around town, and communicate with each other.  Now technology is changing education, too. Ashford University brings together a worldwide student body with the latest in learning technology as well as a traditional campus in Clinton, Iowa.  Because knowledge is everywhere, for everyone.

Engaging curricula

Online and campus-based degree programs offer foundational perspective, breadth and professional relevance for undergraduate and graduate students.  Ashford University seeks to cultivate student-centered learning at all levels, supported by technological resources and led by qualified faculty and staff who are guided by contemporary scholarship and professional practice.

Modern digital tools

Many courses offer ways to study, learn, and share from a suite of digital materials. Plus you can keep in touch with professors and classmates while you’re on-the-go with the Ashford Mobile app.

Vibrant community

The Ashford student body is a diverse family where everyone is welcome. Students, faculty, and alumni interact and support each other from across the country and the world. Social media allows everyone in the Ashford community to connect and network whenever you wish.

Cherished tradition

Ashford University is the perfect blend of tradition with 21st century vision. Commencement ceremonies are one important tradition at Ashford, when the campus in Clinton, Iowa welcomes thousands of students from across the country to receive their diplomas in person.

Ashford University’s Mission: To provide accessible, affordable, innovative, high-quality learning opportunities and degree programs that meet the diverse needs of individuals pursuing integrity in their lives, professions and communities.

To learn more about Ashford University’s Accreditation contact:
The Higher Learning Commission
North Central Association


Helpful School Details

Calendar Type:
Classes are 5-6 weeks and are taken one at a time.

Transfer Credits:
Transfer up to 90 semester credits toward bachelor degrees!

Certain program restrictions may apply to residents of Arkansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, and non-US residents.

Delivery Format:
Enjoy the flexibility of online courses 24 hours a day. Students are able to login anytime to participate and post your work in class.

Loans Offered:
Ashford University participates in several federal student aid programs to those who qualify, including Stafford and PLUS.

For more information about on-time completion rates, the median loan debt of students who completed each program, and other important information, please visit:

Programs Offered at Ashford University:

Associate Degrees
AA/Early Childhood Education
AA/Military Studies

Bachelor Degrees
BA/Adult Development
BA/Applied Behavioral Science
BA/Applied Linguistics
BA/Business Administration – Accounting
BA/Business Administration – Business Management
BA/Business Administration – Finance
BA/Business Administration – Marketing
BA/Business Administration – No Concentration
BA/Business Economics
BA/Business Information Systems
BA/Business Leadership
BA/Child Development
BA/Cognitive Studies
BA/Communication Studies
BA/Complementary and Alternative Health
BA/Consumer and Family Financial Services
BA/Cultural Anthropology
BA/Early Childhood Education
BA/Early Childhood Education – Infant and Toddler Care
BA/Early Childhood Education Administration
BA/Early Childhood Education Administration – Infant and Toddler Care
BA/Education and Public Policy
BA/Education Studies
BA/English Language Learner Studies
BA/Environmental Studies
BA/Health and Human Services
BA/Health and Human Services – Long-Term Care Management
BA/Health and Wellness
BA/Health Care Administration
BA/Health Care Administration – Long-Term Care Management
BA/Health Care Studies – Applied Behavioral Science (Human Services)
BA/Health Care Studies – Environmental Science
BA/Health Care Studies – Health Care Administration
BA/Health Care Studies – Health Studies
BA/Health Care Studies – Human Resources Management
BA/Health Care Studies – No Concentration
BA/Health Care Studies – Psychology
BA/Health Care Studies – Sociology
BA/Health Education
BA/Health Informatics
BA/Health Marketing and Communications
BA/Homeland Security and Emergency Management
BA/Human Resource Management
BA/Instructional Design
BA/International Business
BA/Journalism and Mass Communication
BA/Law Enforcement Administration
BA/Liberal Arts
BA/Library Science and Media
BA/Military Studies
BA/Operations Management and Analysis
BA/Organizational Management – Accounting
BA/Organizational Management – Applied Behavioral Science
BA/Organizational Management – Business
BA/Organizational Management – Business Administration
BA/Organizational Management – Child Study
BA/Organizational Management – Communications
BA/Organizational Management – Criminal Justice
BA/Organizational Management – Early Childhood Education
BA/Organizational Management – Education
BA/Organizational Management – Elementary Education
BA/Organizational Management – English/Language Arts
BA/Organizational Management – Environmental Science
BA/Organizational Management – Health Care Administration
BA/Organizational Management – History
BA/Organizational Management – Homeland Security
BA/Organizational Management – Human Services Administration
BA/Organizational Management – Liberal Studies
BA/Organizational Management – Management
BA/Organizational Management – Marketing
BA/Organizational Management – No Concentration
BA/Organizational Management – Political Science
BA/Organizational Management – Project Management
BA/Organizational Management – Psychology
BA/Organizational Management – Public Administration
BA/Organizational Management – Public Safety Administration
BA/Organizational Management – Sociology
BA/Political Science and Government
BA/Project Management
BA/Public Administration
BA/Public Relations and Marketing
BA/Public Relations and Marketing – Information Systems
BA/Public Relations and Marketing – International Management
BA/Public Relations and Marketing – Project Management
BA/Real Estate Studies
BA/Service Management
BA/Service Management – Hospitality Enterprise
BA/Service Management – Mass-market Retail Enterprise Management
BA/Service Management – Non-Profit Enterprise
BA/Service Management – Restaurant Enterprise Management
BA/Social and Criminal Justice
BA/Social and Criminal Justice – Corrections Management
BA/Social and Criminal Justice – Forensics
BA/Social and Criminal Justice – Homeland Security
BA/Social and Criminal Justice – Political Science and Government
BA/Social and Criminal Justice – Security Management
BA/Social Science – Applied Behavioral Science
BA/Social Science – Child and Family Development
BA/Social Science – Communications
BA/Social Science – Criminal Justice
BA/Social Science – Early Childhood Education
BA/Social Science – Education Studies
BA/Social Science – English/Language Arts
BA/Social Science – Environmental Science
BA/Social Science – History
BA/Social Science – Human Resources Management
BA/Social Science – Human Services
BA/Social Science – No Concentration
BA/Social Science – Political Science
BA/Social Science – Psychology
BA/Social Science – Social Services
BA/Social Science – Sociology
BA/Sports and Recreation Management
BA/Sports and Recreation Management – Entrepreneurship
BA/Sports and Recreation Management – Finance
BA/Sports and Recreation Management – Information Systems
BA/Sports and Recreation Management – Marketing
BA/Sports and Recreation Management – Project Management
BA/Supply Chain Management
BA/Sustainable Enterprise Management
Master Degrees
MA/Education – Assessment & Measurement
MA/Education – Child Development
MA/Education – Culturally Responsive Education
MA/Education – Curriculum & Instruction
MA/Education – Distance Learning
MA/Education – Early Childhood Education
MA/Education – Education and Public Policy
MA/Education – Educational Technology Leadership
MA/Education – English Language Learner
MA/Education – Family and Community Services
MA/Education – Higher Education
MA/Education – Library and Media
MA/Education – Mathematics Instruction
MA/Education – No Concentration
MA/Education – Reading Literacy
MA/Education – Special Education (non-licensure)
MA/Education – Teacher Leader
MA/Health Care Administration
MA/Organizational Management – Global Management
MA/Organizational Management – Health Care Administration
MA/Organizational Management – Human Resources Management
MA/Organizational Management – No Concentration
MA/Organizational Management – Organizational Leadership
MA/Organizational Management – Project Management
MA/Organizational Management – Public Administration
MA/Organizational Management – Supply Chain Management
MA/Teaching and Learning with Technology
Master of Public Administration
MBA – Business Economics
MBA – Entrepreneurship
MBA – Environmental Management
MBA – Finance
MBA – Global Management
MBA – Healthcare Administration
MBA – Human Resources Management
MBA – Information Systems
MBA – Marketing
MBA – No Concentration
MBA – Organizational Leadership
MBA – Project Management
MBA – Public Administration
MBA – Supply Chain Managementrequest-school-info

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