Which is Better for Online Doctoral Programs? Mac or PC?

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Every where you turn, people are starting to rely on Apple’s technology more than ever before. While PC’s used to have a utilitarian claim to fame surrounding the brand name of their manufacturer, Apple products are becoming easier to use and the software available is far superior than PC software. Apple’s software is so easy to use that it takes over on many PC’s. It’s rare to see any computer user use Windows Media Player over iTunes.

apple-vs-pcCan you imagine an accountant who only needs access to certain Quickbooks features and not much else spending over $2000 on a machine that does the same operations as a $400 PC? If he did purchase the Mac over the PC, someone should take his accounting degree away. PC purchases will still be relevant for those in Online Doctoral Programs for years to come because of their affordability, if not much else.

Is Apple really dominating the computer market? Apple might be winning the marketing contest against PC’s, but when you look past the glitz of their PR and advertising machines there is still much use for PC’s in the business and personal world. PC sales have remained steady for years while Apple is an explosive hype machine.

PC’s Still Dominate

According to research conducted through CBS Interactive and Mashable’s Consumer Trends Series 82 percent of American households own a PC, almost 50 percent have two, and about 25 percent have three or more at home. While Apple continuously rolls out new and very impressive technology, consumers are sticking with the PC because it is an old and reliable juggernaut in the computing market.

Most of the announcements regarding PC usage are negative and dooming to the devices. According to blogger Todd Wasserman, this is the skewed perspective of biased bloggers and Apple fanatics who have louder voices online and in the media. Due to the tech industry’s over saturated use of all things Apple, they know how to create the most buzz and defend their products through social media, video blogs, websites, and Twitter.

iPad, iPhone, and iPod Use

There is no doubt that Apple is the dominant force in mobile touchscreen technology. The introduction of the iPod touch several years ago ushered in their era of dominance which continues to grow today. The iPhone has virtually revolutionized the way we communicate and listen to music, while the iPad is by far the best selling tablet and knocking competitors like HP completely out of the market. When Amazon releases its Kindle Tablet, there might be fierce competition because of people’s awareness of the company, but the iPad is sitting comfortably until then.

Android and Blackberry phones have a decent share in the mobile phone market, but the iPhone remains the dominant purchase for those looking for the most versatility out of their device. With the new iPhone 5 set for release in September, which features the new iOS 5 interface will certainly trump seasonal sales of other brands of phones well into the Christmas retail season.

Android and Blackberry fanatics do not have to fret about their favorite devices becoming obsolete in the next couple of years. Apple is reluctant to incorporate NFC technology into their phones which will allow Android or Blackberry users to use swipe and pay technology like Google Wallet. CNET’s Bryan Cooley says the Android system is better because of all the apps available. Most of the apps he is speaking about are often slow, clunky, or still in beta. For customers looking for the most reliable apps, the iPhone is still the number one choice.

While Apple is a dominant force in the marketing, branding, and packaging of their products; consumers are still flocking to PC’s just as much as they have in the past.

By: Nancy Claire – Degree Jungle writer, teacher, and researcher.

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