Typical Things to Expect During Online Classes

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Many people are wondering what E-learning is about. E-learning, also called distance learning or online learning, aims to provide students the same education and learning a usual class has, however this time, it uses the net to do this. Some people think that it’s impossible to attain learning through these programs but hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world have finished their high schoolwork, college, master’s and even PhDs through these programs. People have learned new skills that they use in their lives via online lessons. Online programs try as much as they can to mimic the same learning experience as a conventional class would have, and with the aid of technology, this is becoming possible.

macbook-proSo how does online learning work? Online classes are essentially the same as real classes. You have a teacher and classmates. However, you do not get to interact with them as much as you would with real teachers and classmates. You stay connected using social networking tools. You exchange emails, chat, video conference and comment on each other’s post. Online classes are very relaxed with time; students are free to choose what time they want to take the class and for how long. It is also very self-paced; it’s totally up to the student when they want to take what they learned to the next level. Lessons are more specific and straight to the point. They can be compared to normal classes that are compressed and concentrated on the topic’s important ideas and aspects.

The environment is also very different. If you are used to having group works and projects, you might have a hard time adjusting to online classes. Yes, you will still be having these activities, but you and your group are physically not together. You can stay in contact using chat, video conferencing and emails, but the experience is still very different. Research is one of the most important things an online student will be doing. With research, students do not have to go to the library and go through hundreds of books. They can just use the net and gather credible and important information here. As said earlier, online classes don’t really have a lot of time pressure involved. However, this does not mean that there aren’t any deadlines students have to meet. There are deadlines, as with the classroom setting, but the time between them is usually longer compared to deadlines assigned for real classes. With online classes, you will be reading a lot, watching a lot of educational videos or listening to audio clips that supplement what you are learning.

You can also expect to meet different people. You can meet classmates who are from another city, state, county and continent. Online classes are available for everyone, which means people from all over the world can take them. Due to its dependence on the web, you’re also expected to be knowledgeable when it comes to computer technology. After all, the only way for you to stay connected with your classmates and teachers is via the net. So many social media programs and tools are available online, which can help you in taking your online class. Eventually, you will be introduced to these tools and you will get to use them.

By: Nancy Claire – Degree Jungle writer, teacher, and researcher.

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