Top Tips for Online Students

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We’ve all been a student at some point in our lives. Whether your point of reference is decades back when you attended high school or you have recently completed your bachelor’s degree in person, you will have some experience of on-campus study. Online learning is a different ball game and requires specific study skills to be in place in order to thrive. So whether you are tentatively dipping your toe into the world of online education by enrolling on a free course or are continuing your studies with an online MBA, it’s worth brushing up on your online study skills.

Be prepared.
There are things that need to be done even before the start of your course. Prepare for online college by understanding your obligations in advance, making sure your tech is in order and finding the resources you will need.

Be realistic.
If you work a full time job and have children to care for, finding an extra 25 hours a week in which to study is not going to be easy. Have a look where you can reasonably make changes and fit study time into your life. Set realistic deadlines that you can comfortably work with.

Love routine.
Children and pets aren’t the only ones to thrive on routine. It works for students too. An effective study schedule will cater to your regular activities and allow you to enjoy some down time as well.

Accept help.
Asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of. If you need some extra help with the kids, other parents may be only too happy to lend a hand. If you’re working and you let your boss know what you’re doing, you may find that they will be more flexible or help you out in some other way. As the old saying goes “no man is an island”. Don’t be alone in your endeavours.

Get involved.
It’s likely that your online course will involve live lessons. These will be led by an instructor and “attended” by many people. It’s easy to stay anonymous and just listen along, but it’s preferable to get stuck in and actually take part. Ask questions and really get involved. You’ll learn more and it’s miles more fun.

Stay current.
One of the major appeals of online education is how flexible it is. Remember that’s not an excuse to procrastinate and not log in for days. Check in on a daily basis to keep up with what’s going on. You don’t necessarily have to work every day, but keeping in touch is a good thing and will mean you won’t miss anything important.

Find your voice.
If you start falling behind or are struggling with a particular aspect of your studies, keeping quiet about it won’t help. Just because you can’t ask your instructor face to face for extra help, that doesn’t mean those opportunities aren’t there. You just need to be proactive about reaching out and letting someone know you need assistance.

Stay connected.
Just because you’re pursuing your education online, it doesn’t mean you can’t make friends along the way. Make the most of any forums or other collaborative environments that are provided as part of the course resources. If none are offered, consider setting up a closed group on Facebook or some other social platform.

Like anything in life that’s worth doing, online study may involve some challenges along the way. Whether you are struggling to understand a particular concept, got a lower grade on an assignment than you had hoped for, or are finding juggling a job and study harder than you expected, remember that you won’t be the only one with issues. Life’s not plain sailing at the best of times and this is no different. The key to success in online education is perseverance.

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