Top Myths About Online Education Debunked

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If you are thinking about going to school, you might want to consider online education. Even though online programs are very popular, many people still think twice about taking online classes because they are afraid of online learning myths. Below are a few common myths about online education.

uo-roofOnline classes are harder than going to a real class

A common misunderstanding about online education is that it’s harder than a real class because you are left alone to study. You don’t have classmates to talk to or a teacher to guide you through the module. The truth is that it all really depends on the student. If you are the type of person who prefers to be with other people while learning, then you might have a hard time adjusting to online classes. You do have classmates in an online class, but the only way for you to connect with them is via email, chat or conferences. Some classes would even create a conference call to discuss topics in their modules. As for teachers, some classes provide you with contact details to a teacher who you can send emails to for clarifications.

Online classes have a lower quality compared to real classes

This might have been true during the time when online classes where first available. Today, most online classes and programs go through a rigorous process of reaching the same level and quality of real classes. There are standards set for online programs and most of these programs are actually accredited by universities and colleges. Contents in classes are constantly being updated and teachers are easily tracked since everything is found online.

Distance and online learning are for people located in hard-to-reach areas far away from Colleges and Universities

This is not true. Very big populations of students who take online programs are actually found in the cities, suburbs and other highly developed and urbanized areas. Most of them have 9 to 5 jobs and would like to pursue their college education without having to drive to school after work. Some students are found in other countries and would like to earn a certification or a diploma overseas without leaving their own country.

Online classes are expensive

Budget is one of the reasons why many people go for online education. Many people think that you have to spend a lot of money to get a good education. Getting into one of the Ivy League universities is great; however it will definitely cost a lot of money. Sure, graduating from one of those schools is a big plus on your resume, but you do not have to spend all that money to get good education. With online classes, you can earn a college diploma without having to spend that much.

Everything is done via email

As technology on communication and interaction over the net, such as VoIP, video conferencing, blogging and social networking sites developed, online programs and classes have also integrated these developments to provide online classes that are very similar to real classes. Students can now speak directly to their teachers and classmates by video conferencing or group chat; you can also send videos and pictures to them that are connected to your class’s topic. Some online universities have a special software that they use to connect classmates and teachers together.

You have to be smart with computers

A big fear that people have about online or distant learning is that they think that you have to be good with computers for you to get into an online class. The fact of the matter is, you only need to know the basic functions of a computer, and you can take online classes. The only thing you really need to have for online programs is a computer that has internet connection. With this, you can start learning at the comfort of your own home.

By: Nancy Claire – Degree Jungle writer, teacher, and researcher.

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