Things That you Can Do to Pay for School and Save Money

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A big problem that college students face is budget. College is expensive, and students have to consider the cost of living, transportation, food, books, school materials and other factors that need money. If you are currently studying and are facing a financial issue, you need to think about the situation, consider all the options you have and think about the best thing to do. Getting financial aid is the first thing most college students do if they are short on money. This can be attained in a few ways, such as work-while-studying programs, loans, grants, and scholarships.

student-at-boardWork-studying programs are commonly federal programs that give college students the chance to make extra income by working and studying at the same time. Universities and colleges often have scholarship programs for students who have achieved awards for outstanding grades or sports.

You can also look for a job outside campuses. Some university towns accept working students to help them make money while at school. Some would even work for free in exchange for lodging. Some schools usually have job opportunities offered to regular students. You can check out the human resources office for job openings inside the school. They usually give discounts and even scholarships to students who work in-campus. Freelance and side projects can also help you make money. If you have the talent, use it. If you’re good at photography, offer your services during events and gatherings. If you’re a good singer or musician, look for a gig in entertainment areas close to the school. Maximize what you have to earn extra money.

Offer tutoring services. If you are good with math or any other subject, you could make a decent profit out of tutoring fellow students. Ask around for people who are looking for tutors. This job becomes very in-demand especially when exams are just around the corner. Post your contact number on the bulletin board so that people can find you easily. You can also hang out at the library and search for students who might need your help there. It’s a fun way to make money and help out fellow students.

Borrow, rent or buy used books. You don’t have to buy a new book for all of your classes. Ask someone who finished taking the class if you could rent or borrow their book. You can also go to the used bookstore and search around for books that you can use for class. A downside of using old books is that they might be outdated or have an older version, but it contains more or less the same things as the newer ones. If you own books, you could also have them rented.

Remember that even though paying for college is difficult, it’s worth it. Having a college degree will help you get a better job, give you an edge over other applicants and make you more “marketable” when looking for a job. College is like a preview to real life. Sooner or later, you will be working an 8-hour job, making your own money to support your family. So while you’re in college, learn as much as you can about life and have fun.

By: Nancy Claire – Degree Jungle writer, teacher, and researcher.

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