Summer Class Blues….or Not?

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Summer is right around the corner for most of us depending on where you live. Parties, vacations, beach fun and relaxation await each of us. Oh, but what about college courses. If you are lucky enough to be pursuing your college degree via an online program you may be required to take courses continuously without a break. Yes, that means courses over the summer. Don’t be down, as you are lucky to be part of thousands that have chosen the most versatile method of education. You can take your courses with you wherever you need to go, and for the most part, schedule time spent on your courses at your discretion.

beachMobile College

One of the most important purchases that you can make is that of a netbook or a laptop. This keeps you mobile while you are pursuing your online degree. If you are required to have the internet available to log in to your courses or other functions I also recommend that you invest in a wireless internet access device that will allow you to have internet no matter where you go eliminating you from having to find a Wi-Fi connection. Yes, some of the contracts are quite pricey but I have done some research to help you out and have found a few pay as you go programs which can certainly be, not only convenient, but can also help you to be budget conscious. The first which is Mobile READY BROADBAND 1251 Prepaid Wireless Internet Access Cellular Router can be purchases for around $21.00 online through Amazon or Google. It looks like a flash drive and can be uploaded with internet time as you need it. The next device which is just as great is the Cricket A600 3G Wireless USB Mobile Broadband Internet Aircard Modem. With a price of around $39.99 this also will allow you to upload minutes and have internet at your fingertips. Other options are the well-known cellular carriers that offer a mobile broadband plan similar to cellular plans.

Summer Learning, Summer Fun

Once you have equipped yourself with the recommended items you are ready to go. Take that netbook or laptop with you and don’t miss an outing. I used to do my best writing at the beach. The sound of the waves, the warm breeze and the fresh air helped me to earn an A in Anatomy and Physiology. It can do the same for you.

Remember that pursing an online degree has so many other perks than that of a brick and mortar institution. This summer, when you are out on the boat or enjoying a tall iced beverage at the park while you are working on your class assignments, think about the other guy who is sitting in class for hours on end listening to long and often boring lectures.

Have fun, enjoy your summer and continue to pursue and education that will open many doors to a prosperous future.

deannaDeanna Miller
RN MSN/Ed HCE graduated in 1995 from the University of New York, Albany and later went on to obtain her BSN and MSN with a certification in Health Care Education from the University of Phoenix, Online. Ms. Miller currently works as a Manager of Intensive Care in a University Hospital. She is also a published author and content expert for several educational publishing companies.
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