Study Internet Design and Graphics Online

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Studying online graphics, media and internet design has never been such a good option if you feel your current career is going nowhere and you have a passion for design. Whether you’re hoping for a cushy job in an advertising agency or design studio or your intent on freelancing until you can run your own shop, there’s no point waiting to travel to an expensive art school far away or out of state when you can study graphic and internet design online.

Today, online students get a wealth of experience, and walk away from any number of online degree programs in graphics with a strong portfolio and a much better presence to market themselves and their expertise. Graphic designers salaries average about $42,400. Job growth is expected to remain strong at somewhere around 13% over the next ten years.

Studying Internet Communications and Web Development is not something you need to fly off to a big city for anymore. These are not the Matchbook drawing courses from yesteryear either. Kaplan University offers a totally online program that allows students to concentrate in Database Management, Web Development, Network Administration, Information Security and Forensics, Project Management, New Media/Internet Marketing, Health Informatics, Mobile Computing and Application Development. All of these fields allow you to concentrate in a specialized area that only a very few other designers can compete with. That makes your own job-security that much stronger.

Another unique online program is in Digital Design and Animation from Rasmussen College that allows students to pursue anything from advertising design and layout to forensic animation, commercial products design and packaging, home design and virtual walk-through animations. Again, imagine your portfolio with just a few of these courses under your belt. Stick around for the whole degree program and Rasmussen, like most online schools, offers placement assistant and continuing career support.

Of course, if you just want to get your feet wet, there are a number of Online Associates Degree programs. A couple of standouts are those from Rasmussen College or from the International Academy of Design and Technology that require a little less commitment in terms of years required to finish, but that still get you solid experience and a significant portfolio on which to base all the later stages of your career.

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