Our Pick for Online Gaming Degree Program

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Want to help create the next Call of Duty or Red Dead? The explosion in online gaming over the past few years continues to expand exponentially. As online games move further into social networks and reach ever expanding audiences, the innovations come faster and the games just get more exciting.

The demand for game programmers, engineers, coordinators and game designers and graphics designers continues to increase too, and that means more jobs than ever before are being created in this exciting field.

A number of good online study programs have emerged over the past several years, and like most aspects of technology education, the idea of studying them online does not seem so far-fetched at all. If you have any background either in some aspects of software design or you just know way too much about games already, it’s a program well worth considering. One of the most successful online programs we’ve encountered is DeVry University’s Bachelor of Science Degree in Game & Simulation Programming. Designed to be completed in 8 full time semesters, of course, students can alter the schedule and course-load so that it fits with what they’re already doing. Still, the program offers a comprehensive background that qualifies graduates for positions almost anywhere in the online gaming and simulation industries. And the field is growing.

Get into Online Applications Design!

With a strong orientation in applications design, DeVry’s program is aimed at providing a solid foundation in game software engineering and multiple platforms project management. Students learn to apply higher level mathematics and science to programming dynamic imagery in interactive computer programs, as well as the latest, and the fundamentals of game creation. 2-D & 3-D graphics programming as well as MMOG programming are important parts of the program. Project management skills across the game design environment are also of key importance, and the program doesn’t leave out any of the important other aspects involved with earning a solid bachelor’s degree. Students study entirely online and never need to visit a DeVry campus, though the courses are intense.

Online gaming students may have to keep their computer equipment more up to date than students in other fields. At some point, in the course of completing such a challenging degree program, you may even need to seriously upgrade your computer or the software it’s running as gaming technology advances quickly. But if you’re into gaming and already doing a little programming, there is no better time to investigate a career in the Gaming Industry.

So what’s the next step?

Get started in an exciting career in Gaming Design, you can request more information about this program from Devry here. Just look for the program: BS in Game and Simulation Programming

Written by James Tomon – Degree Jungle Staff Writer © Degree Jungle 2010

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