Online Socializing for the Online Student

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One of the best times in life is your college years. It’s a time of socializing, independence and goal setting. Your experiences and education will help to mold the professional that you become. But so many people ask, “How will I get to socialize if I decide to proceed with an online degree?” “After all, at a brick and mortar school, there are specific activities arranged for students.” “I will be missing out.”

social-networksMy answer to this is, yes and no. Socializing is very important in the life of a college student but let’s prioritize too. You are paying tuition for an education that will assist you in making a living for the rest of your working years. This is very important. Don’t get me wrong, socialization is also very important as that is where you make new friends, discuss events and perhaps even meet your soul mate. So, can this be accomplished if you are obtaining your degree via an online college program? My answer to this is yes it can.

Online Social Sites

Online social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and hundreds of other similar sites are overwhelming with people wanting to meet people. Dating sites are the most popular way of meeting men and women. So, why not use what is at your fingertips. You will be meeting new people from all over the country virtually as you take your online courses. Share your interests, likes and dislikes with your peers. No one says that it has to stop there. There is Skype, various messenger services and also the old fashion telephone. Use the tools that are at your fingertips as they are much safer than the bar scene.

Facebook Page

Now, if you want to be really creative, start a Facebook page for online students in your area. Facebook offers you the opportunity to schedule events and also provides the opportunity for people to share ideas, pictures and have private conversations. Use your imagination. It really could be a lot of fun and much safer than the bar scene where you become totally inebriated, meet someone or anyone and never see them again. In addition, there are many online games, forums and various other interest groups that will filter the people that you choose to socialize with.

Working Adult Students

If you are a working adult that is older than the typical college freshman and you too are interested in the socializing that comes with college, you can also get involved with online socializing. Also, there are usually several individuals from a place of employment that choose the same online university. Find out and get to know them. Your Human Resources Department can probably be of assistance in letting you know who of your colleagues are currently enrolled in online education.

Tips for Safe Online Socializing

Now for a few pointers to keep you safe while socializing online:

  • Never give out your address, phone number or person information when you first meet someone.
  • When meeting someone in person for the first time take a friend and leave with the same friend.
  • Do your research and get some background information.
  • Follow your instinct

So there you have it. Yes, socializing while obtaining an online degree is possible and actually may be more attractive. Have fun, be creative and be safe!

deannaDeanna Miller
RN MSN/Ed HCE graduated in 1995 from the University of New York, Albany and later went on to obtain her BSN and MSN with a certification in Health Care Education from the University of Phoenix, Online. Ms. Miller currently works as a Manager of Intensive Care in a University Hospital. She is also a published author and content expert for several educational publishing companies.
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