Online Educational Opportunities for Nurses

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There are changes occurring in the nursing profession. Employers and State Boards of Nursing are bumping up the educational requirements with the hope of mandating the entry level RN to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (BSN). Almost every online university out there offers a BSN program with most not requiring a clinical rotation. Many employers that are requiring their current Associate Degree RN’s to go back to school to obtain their BSN’s are even offering tuition assistance in some form or other incentives. Obtaining an advanced nursing degree has never been easier or more convenient.


In addition to offering advanced nursing degrees, there are many other types of programs available to nurses. For instance; for those nurses that are interested in staff development or becoming educators within health care facilities, many universities offer the Health Care Education Certification for BSN nurses. Other certifications include; nursing informatics, Critical Care Nursing, Surgical Nursing, Geriatric Nursing and many other specialties. Most of these programs only require between 9 and 16 hours of additional college credit depending on the curriculum of the specific university.


Graduate Study

Master’s Degree programs in nursing are also offered via the online arena. Most of the programs do not require a clinical rotation. In addition, Advance Practice Programs are available to the Master’s prepared Nurse requiring only minimal additional credit hours. Although an APN program usually requires clinical hours, many of the institutions allow the nursing student to arrange for their clinical time in a facility that they choose.

Master’s prepared RN’s work mostly in research, management or as educators in nursing or other health care related programs. The opportunities for the Master’s prepared RN are immense.

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Another program that is recently new to education is the Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree or (DNP). This program requires the student to have an MSN and meet other stringent requirements that may differ from university to university. RN DNP’s are employed mostly in research, as Deans of Nursing Schools, and as Nurse Practitioners. Because the RN DNP programs are somewhat new, there are a minimal number of RN DNP’s in the field today. Opportunities for the DNP are vaster in urban areas rather than in rural locations.


Popular Online Nursing Schools

Here is a list of some of the universities that offer advanced nursing degrees:

Liberty University

Capella University

Kaplan University

Grand Canyon University

These are only a few of the hundreds of universities that offer advanced nursing education. Keep in mind that your employer may have an affiliation with a specific school in your area. You will want to contact your Human Resources Department for further information.

If you are not currently an RN there are also many options available for part online part face to face education in an initial nursing program. Nursing is one of the top professions today and is growing profession providing employment opportunities in numerous settings.

deannaDeanna Miller
RN MSN/Ed HCE graduated in 1995 from the University of New York, Albany and later went on to obtain her BSN and MSN with a certification in Health Care Education from the University of Phoenix, Online. Ms. Miller currently works as a Manager of Intensive Care in a University Hospital. She is also a published author and content expert for several educational publishing companies.
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