Go, Team, Win! Online Learning Teams

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The phrase team work is tossed around daily regardless of the type of profession that you are in. A collaborative approach to anything by a few different people brings depth to a project or presentation. From a manufacturing position to the office of the President of the United States, a team approach is utilized. Team work, or a team approach, is also a great way of bringing together different points of view or ideas to solve a problem.

e-learningLearning Teams

Regardless of if you are attending a brick and mortar university or you have chosen the versatile opportunity of online learning you will find that at some point in your curriculum you will be part of a learning team. The learning team approach can be utilized to answer discussion questions, prepare a presentation, and prepare an essay and other numerous assignments. Working as a group helps each member to manage time, be prepared and offer an equal contribution to the assigned project.

Learning Teams Online?

If you have not experienced the online learning team approach you are probably wondering, “How can three or four strangers from different parts of the country form a team and deliver a project online?” Well, it is actually quite easy. The team members will usually be assigned to the team by the online professor. A syllabus will also be provided with instructions on any special individual projects or team projects; what the criteria is, how much each section of the project is weighted point-wise, and when the project is due. It will be up to the member of the team as to how the final project is completed.

A Team Approach to a Power Point Presentation (Example)

A Power Point Project, are you kidding? No, a presentation is probably one of the easiest assignments to complete as a team. Here are a few steps:

  1. Introduce yourself to each of the team members that you will be working with.
  2. Create a team charter that lists contact information for each member and their strengths.
  3. Decide how often you will be communicating and by what means. For the most part, students either use an internet messenger feature or some other form of online meeting.
  4. Someone has to take the lead as the team leader. This person usually does a breakdown of the assignment into equal sections. The team leader should also be the one that follows-up and assures that the final project is together, formatted and proof-read prior to turning the project in.

For example; if the topic of the Power Point project is; “Living with Congestive Heart Failure,” and each of the following topics must be covered in the presentation: Definition, Cause, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention, the project will need to be divided. There are 5 team members. You have volunteered to be the team leader and have divided the project up in the following manner; Introduction/Conclusion, Definition, Cause, Symptoms and Treatment. You ask the team member to select the section that they would like to do. You suggest that you will prepare the formatting and put all of the slides together with graphics. You will also create the introduction and the conclusion. The other topics are divided equally amongst the team members. Here is a list of steps to take in completing the project.

  1. Have the team members’ complete blank Power Point slides.
  2. Provide a few different backgrounds that can be voted on.
  3. Provide a date approximate 5 days before the project is due for all members to turn in their work.
  4. Put together the project and send it back out to the team members at least three days prior to the due date and have them read it over and agree or disagree for submission.
  5. Always stay ahead of the game and submit your project as early as possible.

Voila, you have completed your first team assignment.

Summing it All Up

Online learning team project submission can be achieved. If you are the type of person that likes to take lead to assure that assignments are prepared correctly and submitted timely then don’t be shy. Mention this to your learning team members early on in the course. Most will be relieved that someone wants to take the lead.

After you have experienced the learning team environment for the first time it will become easier with each course thereafter. After graduation when you are working in your profession you will remember the days of online learning teams and utilize the same steps in professional problem solving.

deannaDeanna Miller
RN MSN/Ed HCE graduated in 1995 from the University of New York, Albany and later went on to obtain her BSN and MSN with a certification in Health Care Education from the University of Phoenix, Online. Ms. Miller currently works as a Manager of Intensive Care in a University Hospital. She is also a published author and content expert for several educational publishing companies.
Degree Jungle Staff

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