Get a Degree without Buying a Textbook

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Have you ever considered your education’s toll on the environment? With all of the textbooks, course materials, and workbooks you need to purchase and print out it feels like you should be planting trees after you’re finished with them. Recent technological advances have allowed many students to go mobile and cut out the need for loose paper materials and heavy textbooks. Students across the educational spectrum from elementary school children to students studying for online degrees are turning to digital media in order to advance their academic prowess.

kindleKeeping More Organized

Have you ever taken a class with a professor who was “handout happy.” This condition which plagues mainly English professors who are afraid of computers often involves photo copied scans from old outdated textbooks about the Victorian era or writing books written before the advent of blogging. While the course material maybe dull and unnecessary; you’re going to need to read it in order to pass. You can take out one of the old school practices, paper, by converting your professor’s notes to

Tablets and e-readers are easy ways to stay organized in the classroom. You can personally take photos of the documents and save them as .PDF files on your tablets for easy and organized viewing. Many professors utilize a dropbox system or website in order to deal with less paper when students are asked to turn in assignments. Major retailers like Barnes & Noble and Amazon have select textbooks available for download on their respective Nook and Kindle devices, which takes away the fear of paper cuts for students everywhere.

Increased Excitement

Many American students are falling behind in language arts, science, and math. While many people have their own theories on why this is happening, we can all agree that the kids aren’t reading enough. According to the School Library Journal, librarians and teachers across the country are procuring grants and trying to bring in as many tablets as possible. Creekview High School librarian Buffy Hamilton says the most exciting part about the introduction of these devices is to see kids excited about reading.

Ergonomics for Kids

If you are a parent, there is a good chance you’re fretting and worrying about all of the safety hazards your child faces every day. When your child gets on a bike you make sure they are wearing a safety helmet and have a bright colored jacket. After handling food, you make sure they rinse their hands with antibacterial soap. After they play outside in the dirt all day long, you make sure they get a nice long bath with hot water. So why do you send them to school with a heavy backpack?

According to, it’s recommended that kids carry no more than 10 to 15 percent of their body weight in their backpack. If you have a third grader, this might mean that all of the books they are carrying around with them to and from school might be causing spinal damage and even scoliosis. When a child puts a heavy weight on their back, it can pull back their shoulders and cause spinal compression. Children who favor one side when they wear a backpack could end up wearing everything to that side because their body will permanently lean that way. By equipping your kid with an e-reader or other tablet device, they will not only be learning at a more exciting level, they will also be saving their future health.

The next time a teacher asks you to purchase a book for class, don’t worry about taking time out of your day to drive to the store. Save time and save some paper by going digital.

By: Nancy Claire – Degree Jungle writer, teacher, and researcher.

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