Fast Growth in Environmental Science and Management

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28% percent growth in jobs from 2008 to 2018 is nothing to take too lightly. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in Environmental Science are expected to see that kind of growth and anyone with an interest in the Environment or in Science more generally should consider moving into the field of Environmental Science or any of the related field of management.  Even if you haven’t got a lot of time for classes, Online Study is now meeting some of the demand for professionals trained in the rigors of these disciplines and these online courses and degree programs can be attended without driving to your local university or community college.

Kaplan University offers a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Policy and Management that focuses on the environment and a set of core courses in science, economics, and policy. Drawing on multi-disciplinary faculty from across the University, students study with the best professors from schools of business, arts and sciences, health sciences, and the legal studies department.

Kaplan University even offers a fast track to their Online Masters Degree Program which is one of several Online Programs that include a focus on environmental sciences. Eligible students can pursue a master’s degree within either the School of Criminal Justice or the School of Legal Studies.

Ashford University also offers an online MBA with a Focus on Environmental Management with emphasis on Alternative Energy and Next-Generation Economics. Economic forces and business risk are all covered in this specialized Online MBA program designed to create business leaders in this new and growing field. Ashford also offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Sciences that is designed to give undergrads a better understanding of individuals, families and communities, governments and cultures. Up to 12 Credits in Environmental Science coursework can be applied to this degree program.

Walden University offers another interesting Online MBA, and a similar Master of Science in Management degree. Both are focused in Sustainable Futures and are at the forefront of online Environmental Studies. Social and environmental responsibility are the combined focus of both degrees and Strategies for Sustainability demand a good deal of the energy of candidates enrolled in the programs which also touch on coursework from more traditional MBA programs, such as in accounting, finance, organizational management and economics.

Managing large-scale value-added organizations and understanding how they contribute to a sustainable future is but one part of this demanding program. Walden MBA candidates are encouraged to understand organizational responses to the needs of communities and markets and to improve relationships among individuals, organizations, and these same communities. Incorporating global awareness into planning, operations, and decision-making at all levels of an organization all make this one of the most rigorous MBAs on the Internet. Candidates also develop innovative social responsibility practices and learn ways to encourage organizations to respond in sustainable ways to their communities and the world.

The field of Environmental Sciences and Management is predicted to continue evolving and growing over the next 5 to 10 years at rates higher than in many other fields. With increased ease of access, more students will find success and career growth in the Environmental Arena than ever before, and maybe you can be a part of it, too.

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