Discover Ashford University’s Online MBA Program

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Online MBA Programs are some of the most competitive and interesting of any online only degree programs. Distinguishing between them might take you some time, but finding the online program that’s right for your career goals and your current situation is worth spending some time. Today, we look closer at Ashford University’s online MBA offerings.

Ashford University offers one online MBA program that’s well worth investigating, in part because they also offer so many areas in which MBA students can specialize. Areas for Specialized Focus allow all MBA candidates to tailor coursework to meet their own interests and possibly to benefit them in the jobs their currently doing or intending to pursue.

These are just some of the Specialized Areas where Online MBA students can focus.

Entrepreneurship – Specialization in Entrepreneurship equips MBA candidates to successfully launch new enterprises and to take leadership positions in young and ambitious businesses. Management skills need to be honed along with a range of skills in strategic planning, statistical reasoning, finance, accounting, economics, quality improvement, risk management, and new capital generation.

Global Management – Candidate learn strong strategies in leadership in a socio-political context, while studying management styles and technical methods from companies and businesses all around the world.

Business Economics – A specialization in Business Economics allows the MBA candidate to develop skills to deal with the changing conditions of markets and with special emphasis on the relationship between economics and finance. Employment and inflation to monetary and fiscal policy are each examined in detail.

Health Care Administration – A focus in Health Care Administration allows the MBA student to better understand health policy, economics, and the effects of program implementation. Leadership and management positions in healthcare organizations demand candidates with experience in organizational management, statistical analysis, health policy, law, and strategic planning.

Human Resources Management – Vital to the growth of any organization, the focus here is on training and development, compensation and benefits, and strategies in human resources management and employee retention. Advanced administrators are need to recruit the best talent, and to thoroughly understand the legal and regulatory contexts that influence HR decision-making and planning.

Information Systems – Relatively new, experts in today’s information technology are in more demand than ever before. Prepare for your own career in the IT industry and master database management, business software, information processing, and systems development.

Environmental Management – An MBA in sustainable business strategies focuses on energy, economics, and the environment and allows candidates to prepare for the next-generation economy. Economic forces, business risk, and alternative sources of energy are all covered in this specialization that’s also increasingly in demand.

Marketing – Today’s most successful marketing professionals study branding, research, and consumer behavior and further drive any organization that leads in terms of messaging and market dominance.

Project Management – Ambitious goals and the discipline required to successfully complete specific objectives are examined in detail and with special emphasis on planning and risk management procurement, finance, and operations.

Supply Chain Management – MBA candidates develop logistics management skills and materials management, evaluation and measurement, and deep knowledge of distribution and inventory systems. Production and delivery methods, quantitative methods, logistics, strategic planning, and project management are all part of this specialization.

Ashford University´s Online MBA is one of the leading MBAs and students wishing to pursue a strong career in business need look no further.

Written by James Tomon – Degree Jungle Staff Writer © Degree Jungle 2010

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