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Why College is Expensive and What You Can Do to Save

Graduating from college is one of the best ways to secure a good job in the future. Although it’s not an assurance that you will get a job that pays big, it definitely gives you an edge over other applicants. According to statistics from the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, college fees […]


Top Myths About Online Education Debunked

If you are thinking about going to school, you might want to consider online education. Even though online programs are very popular, many people still think twice about taking online classes because they are afraid of online learning myths. Below are a few common myths about online education.


Online Programs for Physical Therapy Assistants – Why Take Them?

Healthcare is one of the best fields of jobs to be in. Many students would consider taking programs related to healthcare and get jobs as nurses, doctors, medical technicians, physical therapist, just to name a few. In some cases, students who do not have the time or money to go enroll in real schools would take online programs to get a diploma. It’s cheaper and they can finish a program in a shorter amount of time.

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How to Know if Online Classes Fit You

Today, everything can be found on the internet. We have become very dependent on staying connected and having the ability to access information with just a click of the mouse. It is only normal that people are starting to accept the concept of online education or E-learning as a means of accomplishing their goals for […]


E-learning – Is it the Future of Education?

The main idea of distance learning or E-learning is to get an in-depth, credited and complete education through the internet. Since its introduction, many people have graduated and earned a college degree via online learning. E-learning mainly benefits students who cannot attend real classes, people who want to pursue their education but are too busy, and students who want to study a program in a different country without having to leave their own. Studies have shown that this type of learning provides the same results as real classes through mentor-led discussions and online- and offline-based activities.


6 Careers that are Currently Hiring

With the unemployment rate at an all time high, it definitely pays to play it safe and smart when weighing your career moves. Although the economy looks to be on the slow and painful road to recovery, many companies still haven’t regained the confidence to start opening their doors and hire once more. Still, there are a number of bright spots, and if you know where to look, you’d find opportunities. So where exactly are these jobs? Do they offer decent salaries? How about the quality of life and working environment? This list of hot careers aims to answer those questions.


Top 100 Blogs for Writers to Follow

At some point, every writer needs a bit of help, or more correctly, inspiration, to facilitate creativity and inspiration. This is where references come in. Fortunately, the advent of the Internet has made it easier to disseminate information that just about any creative writer will find useful. Degree Jungle would like to present you our top 100 blogs for creative writing.


Top 45 Blogs for Business Majors to Follow

There are hundreds of business blogs around the web, but there are only a few that is really worth your time reading. But worry not, we’ve got 45 of the best business blogs to keep you busy for awhile 😉 Below you will find the top business blogs ranked by their popularity, credibility and relevance.

5 Tools to Keep You Organized on the Web

Staying organized on the Internet and making sure you don’t drive yourself nuts with the half dozen email addresses you maintain and your other to-dos can be a pretty challenging task. For those who live half of their lives online, it can be next to impossible to make sure everything is in its proper place at all times. While the Web has certainly made daily tasks such as communicating with work colleagues faster and easier, it has also made organization much trickier.

Fortunately, the Internet is also home to tools that help you make sense of your Internet lifestyle. Below are some tools that will help make your life easier.

Informational Interviews Lead to Career Success

Informational interviews are a great way for students to learn about a particular career by speaking with someone who is knowledgeable about the field. It is a way to learn about how to succeed and what to expect from jobs in that field. You can learn about the realities of the job market and receive tips about how to break into the industry.

Types of Financial Aid

There are several options available to students who need assistance paying for their education. These include gift aid, like scholarships and grants, work-study, and loans. Students who attend an accredited distance learning schools have the same financial aid options as students at traditional schools. However, it is best to speak directly with the school about their financial aid options before enrolling in a distance learning program.

Getting the Most from an Online Finance Degree

Studying finance online today is almost as popular as getting your online MBA. As business moves to the internet, a number of business schools are increasingly offering online course work towards an online MBA, but also now toward finer and finer aspects of business finance. Online business degrees often will offer either an elective concentration […]

Guide to Online Degrees in Nursing

Finding the best Online Masters Degrees in Nursing – for you! The ongoing shortage for nurses nationwide has led to innovative advances in nursing education and this has only really meant more and better opportunities for anyone working in the nursing field. Specialized nursing degrees are more in demand than ever before and if you […]

25 Content Farms to Avoid When Researching

Doing research on the internet is getting easier and harder. The amount of resources available to you for free online is growing at an astounding rate. However, the amounts of low quality resources are also on the rise. Over the past couple years we have seen explosive growth in websites known as “content farms”. These websites typically hire thousands of freelance writers who quickly research and write articles on just about any question that could pop in your head from “how do I brush my teeth” to “what is a g6”.

Fast Growth in Environmental Science and Management

28% percent growth in jobs from 2008 to 2018 is nothing to take too lightly. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in Environmental Science are expected to see that kind of growth and anyone with an interest in the Environment or in Science more generally should consider moving into the field of Environmental Science or any of the related field of management.  Even if you haven’t got a lot of time for classes, Online Study is now meeting some of the demand for professionals trained in the rigors of these disciplines and these online courses and degree programs can be attended without driving to your local university or community college.

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