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Online Educational Opportunities for Nurses

There are changes occurring in the nursing profession. Employers and State Boards of Nursing are bumping up the educational requirements with the hope of mandating the entry level RN to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (BSN). Almost every online university out there offers a BSN program with most not requiring a clinical rotation. Many employers that are requiring their current Associate Degree RN’s to go back to school to obtain their BSN’s are even offering tuition assistance in some form or other incentives. Obtaining an advanced nursing degree has never been easier or more convenient.


Perparing an Autobiography for Online Classes

As you begin your online learning experience you will find that at the beginning of each of your courses the instructor will ask that you prepare and submit a 1-2 page autobiography so that you can get acquainted with your peers. In addition there will be an extensive list of other housekeeping items to complete prior to getting into the nitty gritty of the course. In an effort to save yourself time and to make sure that you are consistent presenting yourself appropriately, I suggest that you create an exceptional autobiography that can be saved and used for each of your courses.


What Degrees are Hot Right Now?

With the economy in its current state and the instability of businesses and companies around the country, many potential students and current students find it difficult choosing the right degree to pursue. Let’s face it, regardless of what your educational level is, there is no promise that your current position will be there for you tomorrow. With that being said, students are taking a wiser approach to education and employment plans today.


“Watch Your Tone” Online Netiquette

Communicating via email or other online correspondence can be very convenient for the online student, however; what is often overlooked is the “tone” in which you are communicating with another individual or instructor. You are probably asking yourself, “Is this lady off her rocker or what?” “How can a voice-free form of communication have a tone?” Well, online communication not only has a “tone” but it is also very easy to communicate a negative none unintentionally.


5 Considerations for Choosing an Online University

Online Universities are popping up left and right. In fact, today you will see more advertising and marketing of online universities than brick and mortar schools. It is absolutely fantastic that potential students have such a selection to choose from but what do they base their decision on? Let’s face it; the cost of college is one of the expensive investments that a person will make during their lifetime. They surely need to make sure that their chosen school is all that it says that it is.


Alternatives to Federal Student Loans

The price of college can be overwhelming for the young adult or middle aged adult. In many instances it is the cost of tuition that deters people from pursuing their college education. With the interest rates on Federal Student Loans increasing, most potential students will shy away from a college education rather than being deeply […]


Get a Degree without Buying a Textbook

Have you ever considered your education’s toll on the environment? With all of the textbooks, course materials, and workbooks you need to purchase and print out it feels like you should be planting trees after you’re finished with them. Recent technological advances have allowed many students to go mobile and cut out the need for […]


Summer Class Blues….or Not?

Summer is right around the corner for most of us depending on where you live. Parties, vacations, beach fun and relaxation await each of us. Oh, but what about college courses. If you are lucky enough to be pursuing your college degree via an online program you may be required to take courses continuously without a break. Yes, that means courses over the summer. Don’t be down, as you are lucky to be part of thousands that have chosen the most versatile method of education. You can take your courses with you wherever you need to go, and for the most part, schedule time spent on your courses at your discretion.


Which is Better for Online Doctoral Programs? Mac or PC?

Every where you turn, people are starting to rely on Apple’s technology more than ever before. While PC’s used to have a utilitarian claim to fame surrounding the brand name of their manufacturer, Apple products are becoming easier to use and the software available is far superior than PC software. Apple’s software is so easy to use that it takes over on many PC’s. It’s rare to see any computer user use Windows Media Player over iTunes.


Online Socializing for the Online Student

One of the best times in life is your college years. It’s a time of socializing, independence and goal setting. Your experiences and education will help to mold the professional that you become. But so many people ask, “How will I get to socialize if I decide to proceed with an online degree?” “After all, at a brick and mortar school, there are specific activities arranged for students.” “I will be missing out.”


Distance Learning Funding

So you have made the decision to further your education online. You know that a Master’s Degree related to your current occupation will pave your way to the top. But, how will you finance that graduate degree? Fortunately, today, many employers offer educational assistance for those employees that have the desire to return to school to achieve a degree that is related to their current profession or an executive position in the company that they currently work for. In most instances, tuition reimbursement is part of an employee’s benefit package. If that is not the case in your place of employment, don’t give up. There are still ways of approaching the boss for tuition assistance.


Go, Team, Win! Online Learning Teams

The phrase team work is tossed around daily regardless of the type of profession that you are in. A collaborative approach to anything by a few different people brings depth to a project or presentation. From a manufacturing position to the office of the President of the United States, a team approach is utilized. Team […]


Typical Things to Expect During Online Classes

Many people are wondering what E-learning is about. E-learning, also called distance learning or online learning, aims to provide students the same education and learning a usual class has, however this time, it uses the net to do this. Some people think that it’s impossible to attain learning through these programs but hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world have finished their high schoolwork, college, master’s and even PhDs through these programs. People have learned new skills that they use in their lives via online lessons. Online programs try as much as they can to mimic the same learning experience as a conventional class would have, and with the aid of technology, this is becoming possible.


5 Tips for More Effective Learning

Online programs have become a very common way for students who want to pursue their studies. However, not all students who take online programs actually pass and finish them. Becoming successful with your online classes needs you to adapt to special challenges. Since online programs conduct their classes via the net, you will not be […]


Things That you Can Do to Pay for School and Save Money

A big problem that college students face is budget. College is expensive, and students have to consider the cost of living, transportation, food, books, school materials and other factors that need money. If you are currently studying and are facing a financial issue, you need to think about the situation, consider all the options you […]

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