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Graduated Top Of Your Class? That Might Not Be Enough

Imagine this. You’ve walked away with a good degree from a good university (it might even be great on both counts). You’re ready to get to work in the career of your dreams. You’ve had your eye on one or two roles that you just know would be perfect for you and you’re feeling pretty […]


Saving for College? Five Tips for Parents

There’s no getting away from the fact that college is expensive. The 2012 College Board report “Trends in College Pricing” puts the average annual tuition and fees for out-of-state students attending a public four-year institution at $21,706. By the time additional costs are factored in, that already significant figure reaches $30,911. When that figure is […]


Is Online Education the Right Path For You?

The benefits of an online education are easily understood. The cost factor is the one that immediately comes to mind, but there are many other advantages to pursuing an online degree. With the exception of perhaps a handful of online colleges that require a student to login at certain times, the majority of online courses […]


Avoiding Isolation as an Online Student

There’s a lot to be said for online education. There’s the flexibility, the open scheduling, the lack of commute, not to mention the cost savings. It’s an attractive proposition that has seen more than six million students step up to the challenge. One of the few downsides to online education is often identified as a […]


Want that fabulous graduate job? You have to get past the computer first

Bold typeface, italics, fancy layouts …. there are plenty of tried and tested methods of making your resume stand out in the crowd. The only problem is that in the modern digital landscape, they’re about as much use as a chocolate teapot. Why? Because the chances of a real person actually reading your resume at […]


Fifteen Things You Might Not Know About Student Debt

When it comes to student debt, there’s a statistic, opinion, or unusual fact about pretty much everything. Here is a small selection of the more interesting ones. 1. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that almost 20 million Americans attend college or university each year, close to 60% of whom cover the cost with annual […]


Marketing Major? Five Blogs That Should Be On Your Reading List

No matter how well respected a college or university may be, most college students will be fully signed up to the fact that it’s incredibly important to “read around” a subject to order to gain a deeper understanding of differing viewpoints. With questions being asked as to whether colleges are fully preparing marketing majors for […]


Another New Year. Another New Blog?

It’s that time again. A new year; a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. No doubt many of you will have made several resolutions – exercise more, party less, study harder? Some of you may even have decided to start a blog. You’d be in good company. According to NM Incite, there were over […]


Internships: What’s In It For You?

Business News Daily, a site aimed at startups and small businesses, suggests that internships are on the rise.  The concept of internships is hardly the sole premise of Capitol Hill. Industries from utilities to cosmetics offer hundreds of thousands of internship placements each year. The suggestion that they will become ever more popular is a […]


How To Make It Through College Without Suffering a Financial Meltdown

Unless you have extremely rich (and extremely generous) parents, it’s likely that your time as a student will also be a time spent being fairly poor. You won’t be alone by any means – the words “student” and “poor” pretty much go hand in hand. When rich parents don’t come into the equation, here’s our […]


Studying an MBA Abroad: A Closer Look at the London Business School

Despite the rising costs of postgraduate study, the benefits of gaining an MBA are easy to understand. The prospect of enjoying accelerated career progression and earning higher salaries is a natural draw card for students who are deciding whether to continue their studies at a higher level. The QS Applicant Survey reports that, for […]


The Best Colleges for Just About Everything (According to Forbes)

American business magazine Forbes has become well known for its various lists. From the 400 Richest Americans and the 100 Most Powerful Women to Baseball’s Most Valuable Teams and America’s Most Expensive Zip Codes, if there’s a list to be drawn up, you can bet your proverbial bottom dollar you’ll find it at Forbes. We’re […]


A New Path to Online Learning?

November 15 saw the announcement of some exciting news for online education. Forbes’ Ilya Pozin went so far as to say the news heralded the solution for the US education problem. So what’s going on? 2U, named by Forbes as one of the ten startups changing the world, announced their plans to offer online undergraduate […]


Tomorrow’s Tuition at Today’s Prices? Consider a Private College 529 Plan

It’s entirely natural that parents should have high hopes for their children. Aspirations vary, but aside from health and happiness, for many parents the chance of their precious offspring benefiting from a private undergraduate higher education ranks highly. The only problem, for many, is the rising cost of such an education. According to the report […]


Google Chromebook: The Perfect Solution for Online Students

Fancy a brand spanking new laptop for the rather attractive price of just $249? Of course you do! The latest version of Google Chromebook has just hit the shops and if early indications are anything to go by, it really does seem to be third time lucky for Google when it comes to home computing. […]

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