Looking Closer at Online Degrees in Healthcare

The explosion in demand for qualified nurses has really pushed the development of online degree programs for nurses. But what if Nursing is not in your career plans? What if you already have a nursing degree but you want to push it further ? There are lots of options for online study in fields within healthcare, but that aren’t necessarily nursing degrees. 

Study Habits and Tips

Getting the Most from your Online Coursework

Getting the Most from your Online Coursework – Study Habits and Tips Starting courses online, whether your goal is an online degree or certificate or you’re studying just for yourself, can be a daunting process. You need to quickly adjust to a new online interactive setting, usually a website that’s about as complicated as Facebook, […]

Get your Advanced IT Degree through Online Study

Information Technology continues to be one of the most important growth areas even in today’s challenging economy. Studying IT Online is also one of the growth areas of online universities which are increasingly allowing students to attend IT classes and instruction through distance learning and totally online study. In part that’s because the IT professionals […]

Active Military Take Advantage of the GI Bill

If you’re an active duty service member serving aboard a navy ship, a Coast Guard cutter or somewhere overseas with the ground forces, or even if you’re stationed in the US, chances are you don’t have a lot of free time. Going to college may even seem like it is just too far off in […]

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