10 Tips to a Clean Social Media Profile

Updated January 2015:  The 2014 Social Job Seeker survey from Jobvite makes for interesting reading and provides insight into how employers for social media and mobile jobs possibly find prospective employees. The main takeaways? Over 90% of recruiters look at candidates’ social media profiles. The difference here is that job seekers tend to use Facebook […]


Summer Jobs: The benefits for college students

Updated January 2015:  With the summer holidays just around the corner, you might be daydreaming of sun-drenched beaches, late night parties, and lazy days. While all that sounds incredibly tempting, we’re hoping that you’ve also put some thought into getting a summer job. With any luck, you’ll be the really organized type who has had […]


First Year at College? Top Survival Tips

Updated December 2014:  Starting college is a huge milestone for students and their families. Cramming possessions into a rented truck and moving lock, stock and barrel into a new world of possibility is a reminder of the exciting adventure ahead. This can also be nerve-wracking, emotional and just a bit daunting in equal measures. For […]


Luxury Destinations For Students – A List of Exciting Worldwide Locales

Luxury vacations are a well-deserved reward for those who work hard, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to break the bank. With the stressful holidays finally over, you may want to reward yourself with your own special holiday, a place where you can go and forget about everything and immerse yourself in foreign sights […]


Online Education: The New Wave of Education

Adults have many demands on their time in this era of fast-paced business deals and instant communication. Getting an education is often put on the back burner of things they want to get to one day. Many people have no idea how they will be able to squeeze in enough time to commute to a […]


Best Mobile Apps for Updating Your Blog on the Go

The Android operating system allows you to interface directly with a number of blogging platforms. As you may imagine, there are similar apps available for the iPhone and iPad. Instead of buying apps that log into your blog account via a third party program, why not buy the official app for your blogging platform? Among […]


Office Organization Is Easier Than You Think

Office organization is important for several reasons. As a recent grad or intern, it lets your boss and employer know that you take you job seriously and value items around you. An organized workspace also makes it easier to find things in a pinch. The following techniques will help you easily stay organized in the […]


The Power of Gratitude

There are a variety of resources available on self empowerment, from websites to books to self-help courses. I for one loved the idea of ‘owning my power’ and the whole concept of self empowerment, but if I am honest, I was never entirely sure what it entailed. Did it mean that I should be more […]


Interns: Things You Should Know

Students choose to study online for a number of reasons, but among the most cited explanations are existing commitments such as a full time job or a family. Online courses are perfect for students in these situations; full time summer internships perhaps not so much. It can, after all, be pretty difficult to gain the […]


Five Ways to Make Summer Really Count

With another academic year behind us, summer has made its appearance. No doubt your thoughts have turned to long lie ins and lazy afternoons in the sun. It’s okay to dream, but let’s get back to reality for just a moment. Without the commitment of attending regular classes keeping you busy, summer is a great […]


Starting a Career: When Four Years is too Long to Wait

The benefits of getting a good education are clear. There’s the obvious advantages of improved career prospects, increased earning potential, and a wider range of opportunities. The perhaps not so obvious benefit of higher education is the overall experience; the chance to meet different people, to experience a rich cultural scene, and of course to […]


Five Ways to Improve Your Job Prospects Today

Whether you are eagerly anticipating starting freshman year this fall or choosing an outfit for your graduation, it never hurts to be prepared when it comes to securing work. You might think that landing a job is a simple matter of getting your resume in front of the right people. In today’s competitive job market, […]


Budgeting: A Must for College Students

With confirmed college places now in the hands of the fortunate, it’s likely that your mind will be awash with thoughts of your impending study, of friends yet to meet, and of an exciting new city just begging to be explored. College life could never (and should never) be described as all work and no […]


Decision Time?

If you’ve applied to start college this fall, it’s likely that you’ve been waiting for this past week to arrive for quite some time. You’ve probably imagined the moment that fabled envelope plopped onto your doormat (or appeared online) a million times over. It’s likely that this imagined scenario involved a big fat whopping yes. […]

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