6 Careers that are Currently Hiring

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With the unemployment rate at an all time high, it definitely pays to play it safe and smart when weighing your career moves. Although the economy looks to be on the slow and painful road to recovery, many companies still haven’t regained the confidence to start opening their doors and hire once more. Still, there are a number of bright spots, and if you know where to look, you’d find opportunities. So where exactly are these jobs? Do they offer decent salaries? How about the quality of life and working environment? This list of hot careers aims to answer those questions.

learning-englishOverseas English Teachers
With other nations ramping up their efforts to be globally competitive, the need for ESL (English as a second language) teachers has definitely soared abroad. A large number of people are finding lucrative positions teaching English overseas, in nations across Central and South America, Africa, and of course, Europe. For those not planning to go abroad, a number of opportunities can be found on the Internet, where students looking to learn the language actively seek for online teachers.

Mobile Media Specialists
The advent of digital, mobile and social media has also given rise to a whole new crop of jobs. If you asked someone what an “app developer” was 10 years ago, you’d probably get a blank stare. But today, app developers are one of the hottest careers around, with hundreds actively developing mobile applications for mobile media devices. Jobs for graphic designers, software engineers and video editors specializing in the mobile platform have also spiked.

Internal Auditors and Financial Specialists
With predicted job increase of over 40 percent, auditors are expected to find jobs in banks, insurance companies, securities firms and the government.

I.T. in Healthcare
With medical technologies continually being improved, the need for specialists to take care of health care systems and technologies has also risen in demand. Software engineers, clinical I.T. consultants and healthcare engineers are finding more job vacancies.

Geriatric Healthcare
While definitely not one of the most exciting jobs out there, the increasing aging population, due to the thousands of people reaching the elderly age, is requiring the presence of more nurses, personal care givers, and homecare specialists.

Health and Safety Specialists
Companies dealing with chemical and biological agents are actively hiring individuals with skills in health and safety. Safety specialists have dangerous jobs, but the pay seems to be compelling enough for those in this industry.

By: Nancy Claire – Degree Jungle writer, teacher, and researcher.

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