5 Tools to Keep You Organized on the Web

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Staying organized on the Internet and making sure you don’t drive yourself nuts with the half dozen email addresses you maintain and your other to-dos can be a pretty challenging task. For those who live half of their lives online, it can be next to impossible to make sure everything is in its proper place at all times. While the Web has certainly made daily tasks such as communicating with work colleagues faster and easier, it has also made organization much trickier.

Fortunately, the Internet is also home to tools that help you make sense of your Internet lifestyle. Below are some tools that will help make your life easier.


Sick and tired of reading that email one day, only to somehow lose it the next week? Regardless of whether you fire off a half dozen emails a day, or full blown-newsletters, you can avail of a number of services to smooth things out. For starters, there’s Gmail, which is by far the simplest and most effective email service that lets you keep your work and personal emails separate.


MailChimp has been praised for its ease of use and intuitive controls. It’s an established platform from keeping email newsletters organized in lists. MailChimp allows you to keep track of your email campaigns, without being burdened by a sophisticated user interface. We like MailChimp here at Degree Jungle.


Plaxo is an online tool that keeps organized lists of your personal and business contacts. Plaxo allows quick and painless syncing with the contacts found on your email clients, be it Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. Importing of contacts from these email services is also a breeze.

Cloud Storage and File Sharing

DropBox is a file hosting service that makes use of cloud computing, allowing users to store file and cloud, and share them with fellow Internet users. The site uses file synchronization to automatically sync your files on the Web. It’s a convenient tool, especially when used for documents. If you’re looking to share entire folders of files, emails just won’t cut it. This is where DropBox truly shines. You could start with the free version, then upgrade to the paid option if you have bigger needs.


Mint is one of the most popular personal financial management tools on the web for a good reason. It’s remarkably easy to use, and makes the task of keeping tracking of bank, credit card, investment and loan transactions a breeze. With Mint, you can arrange your own budgets and financial goals with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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