5 Tips for More Effective Learning

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Online programs have become a very common way for students who want to pursue their studies. However, not all students who take online programs actually pass and finish them. Becoming successful with your online classes needs you to adapt to special challenges. Since online programs conduct their classes via the net, you will not be interacting with your classmates and teachers in person. Nobody will watch your back; you have to be self-motivated and you have to make a good study plan in order to finish the course. Below are a few things that you can do to become better at online classes.

goalSet goals that keep you on the route to success

Your main goal is to finish the program and graduate successfully. Instead of aiming of a very big goal that is challenging to achieve, you can chop it up into smaller, more achievable mini-goals. Think of it as taking baby steps. This also keeps off the stress and pressure that some people feel when there is a big challenge in front of them. It’s also easier to keep track of smaller goals.

Create a study schedule that is based on the time you have and your goals

Since online classes are very time flexible, you should not feel pressured about having to do activities for school at a certain time of the day or week. However, you should not be too relaxed about it. You have to meet the deadlines set for projects and assignments. If you are working during the day, find time to study after work. Time management is important for success. While making a schedule, also give time for yourself. If it’s your day-off, forget about work and school and just relax. It’s helpful to unwind and give yourself a break every now and then. It helps you learn better and refreshes your mind.

Get connected

You may be physically alone, but you can connect with your fellow students using email, chat, and social networking sites. Almost everyone has a Facebook, Twitter, Gtalk or Yahoo Messenger, Skype and other social media accounts. You can contact your classmates and organize online group discussions. You can also sign up to sites that have forums that cater to the subject that your online program is about. Check sites that have videos, photos and other posts where people can comment and express their point of view. Never be afraid to post questions online; somebody might just share their knowledge by answering and explaining it to you.

Use what you learned in real life situations

The best way to test what you learned is by applying it. Unlike real classes, online programs commonly do not have on-the-job trainings. This works great with programs that teaches you a new skill. Find way to be hands-on and apply what you learn.

Reward yourself

If you finish a goal, congratulate yourself. Go out and have fun with your friends, treat yourself with something you like doing, and celebrate. This keeps you motivated and makes reaching goals more worthwhile.

By: Nancy Claire – Degree Jungle writer, teacher, and researcher.

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