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Classroom Learning vs. Online Learning – Which is Better?

There is a debate concerning education these days. The development of online programs and classes has got people thinking if they should just take these online programs or actually enroll in school. However, many still prefer real classes because they believe that it’s still the best way to learn. Both online and real classes have their pros and cons.

classroomPros of real classes

Typically, a class composes of a classroom, books, students and an instructor. Real classes are great since students get to have face-to-face interactions with their classmates and teachers. If they have questions, the teacher could entertain them right away. Students get to develop their social network with the people they meet in school. Younger students actually learn better in social situations. In the case of colleges or universities, students get to have more hands-on applications through on-the-job training programs that the school offers. The teacher can talk to students about many valuable life lessons that online modules don’t have. If you come from a school that is well-known, this looks good on your resume. It is a life changing experience and gets students ready for the real world.

Cons of real classes

It’s expensive. Besides the school fees, students also need to worry about the daily cost of living such as lodging, food, transportation and social activities. It’s also very time-consuming and will demand a lot of the student’s time. Self-sustaining students might have a difficult time working and studying at the same time. Depending on what program the student is in, they could stay in school for a few months to a few years. For older students, going back to school might mean that they need to adjust to the new environment.

Pros of online classes

Everything can be found online. Educational materials, videos, audio books, things students need for class are always available for download. Online classes are very flexible when it comes to time, but this does not mean that students do not have deadlines to meet. It’s very self-paced, students have full control on whether they want to go to the next stage or not. Students can take their classes anytime and anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. There is an online program for almost all subjects being offered in most schools. It’s less expensive to take compared to real programs and they can be finished in a shorter time.

Cons of online classes

Students need more disciplined if they take online programs. Since the biggest thing that motivates the student is to reach the end of the class, they need to be responsible enough to finish their schoolwork on time. Students need to have a stable and reliable internet connection for classes. There are many fraud online schools on the internet, students need to be careful and choose a school that has passed the standards and is credited. Interaction is very limited; students really don’t meet their instructors and classmates face-to-face so there is no bond between them.

Whether the student chooses online or real classes, hard work and perseverance are the most important elements in finishing them. Education is important and is always a good idea to invest in it.

By: Nancy Claire - Degree Jungle writer, teacher, and researcher.

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