About Degree Jungle

monkey-geekWe created Degree Jungle in early 2010 to help prospective students research their choices for online degree programs from accredited universities. Our goal is to provide accurate and impartial information about a large range of degree and schools to help you make a more informed decision. Choosing a college or field of study is a really big deal. We get that and want to help guide you down this path.

Our founder has been interested in college ranking methodologies (well rankings of all sorts) since he was in high school looking to sort through his college options. The rankings for traditional, campus-based universities has been quite thorough and highly researched for many years. However he felt that far too many online education websites were merely throwing together a quick list of mega-online colleges and passing it off as a list of top online colleges. Digging into this more, our founder felt compelled to create a new ranking system for online colleges that carefully measured schools on a number of metrics to promote schools that have been working hard to curve tuition costs, providing a wonderful college experience, and preparing their students for future success. The result is our best online universities ranking system which we hope you will find useful.

In addition to rankings, we write about the online education experience in our blog and guides. We also have information on over 50 colleges and 600 degrees. We hope to provide useful insight and information that makes your college research a more enjoyable and accurate process.

If you want to contact us with feedback or questions, please write to (info) at (degreejungle.com)

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